48 thoughts on “If I can’t speak now, then when?…

  1. I think you would make a wonderful life style couch. By the way you write your blogs, it seems you are always trying to teach and make a point in the big picture of life. Plus, I think you would be a good speaker. It may be frightening at first but you have a good voice and know when to emphasis and how to make people feel with your voice. This I believe from the Poe, you read. Best of luck!

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  2. It’s funny that you mention it because I basically want to continue to lifecoach but as a paying job. There’s a time to sow and then reap the benefits. I can get nervous but I’ve spoken to small groups. Just letting the spirit lead me.

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  3. Follow your dreams dear. If you are like me that constantly gets a voice in my head when I desire to do something then you know that you don’t have a choice but to shut up those voices by doing what you desire to do. lol

    As for the “handful of grumpy aliens tossed into the mix”, they will always exist. Remember, if you want to please everyone, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing – even at that, some will still be grumpy. πŸ˜€

    Go get ’em lady!

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  4. Speaking in front of people is scary at first, but most people are encouraging. I think sometimes the more honest you are with people the more supportive they can be. So if you do end up in a group of people just say, “Hey, this is my first time, I’m kind of nervous” and like anything it will get easier. And don’t forget to tell yourself that you will be fine. Sometimes our brains trick us by telling us we can’t do it, remember to tell yourself you can! If you write this well, I’m sure you will be great!

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  5. Your clients will be so blessed to have you as their life coach!!! Watch out Iyanla! Jackie’s going to fix your life lol….Best wishes on your endeavors, you are such an inspiration. Touching the lives of others is obviously your purpose in life.

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  6. I loved where you said “baptism by fire”, isn’t that how we all get off our patooties and make things happen? So I say, jump in with both feet and go for it! I’ve had to do it as a director and consultant trainer. The first few times I was petrified. Then I realized the world didn’t cave in and that people are so much more accepting of me than I am. You are so amazing on this blog I can’t imagine how much more so in real life!

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    • Thank you so much for your words of encouragement Darlene. It’s really inspiring when you get to hear things like this. I really do appreciate these comments and will take them to heart. My regards and do have a lovely day.


  7. Hey, public speaking is hard to do! But it’s rewarding for those who CAN do it! You can do it Jacqueline! πŸ™‚

    On Thu, Feb 4, 2016 at 11:46 AM, a cooking pot and twistedtales wrote:

    > jacquelineobyikocha posted: “There comes a time in one’s life when the > desire to step up to living your dreams over-rides every other perceived > fear and if you don’t start doing so, you will simply watch others live > theirs. By letting fear dictate the pace, each day that passes keep” >

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