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It’s A Love Thing…Featured Blogs #2

For the next days till my Valentine Shindig, I will be featuring several blogs a day on one post, as a way of showing some love to fellow awesome and supportive blogger friends of mine.1454511643782[1]

You can share the fun and the love by sharing the party invitation as much as you can. Bring your Bae, your sweetheart, your neighbourlybloggers, your old lady, your old man, even your dogs and cats are invited.

It’s a way to connect with other bloggers and hey, who knows, you might hit it off with someone 😉

Please share and share alike. Thank you very much.

For today’s features, I am showing some love to the bloggers listed below:

‘Be sure the one’s you love know how much they mean to you. Don’t wait until it’s too late to say something.’

Sarah found me on Facebook and followed me to my blogging abode. She has been one very supportive blogging neighbour of mine, even in classes. We always hang out during recess and natter a bit. I appreciate Sarah’s support and her can-do spirit inspires me totally.

Beth There is nothing as lovely as a lady with a beautiful sense of humour and humanity. You need to hang out with Nutsrok and your ribs will crack from laughter. I also enjoy reading her sage advise to people who write in with perplexing issues on her agony aunt’s page.

Leannenz forays, photos, volunteering and views inspire me.

Mandibelle‘s sense of community can be seen in so many places including mine. I see her little footprints on other people’s blogs and her supportive nature is totally awesome. Thank you Mandi.

Simply me writes as her name reads. I enjoy her fresh perspectives to stories with the shades of humanity painted inside.

Lynz real cooking, mama Lynz is a Hercules of a woman. Admirable, gentle and wonderful. I have asked her to adopt me 🙂

Nena, a gentle spirited lady whose words inspire me to be better.

Nedoux my Ibo sister in the virtual World. My next trip to Nigeria, will find me knocking on her door. Her write ups crack me up, make me hanker for home and just delightful.

Folake another Nigerian blogger sister that is passionate about her World. I am happy that we met.

Kay‘s words are always, always enlightening for me.

GChan‘s tenacity with her translations, her candid freshness with her words always makes me look out for her.

La Duchesse Derat, yes you can say that I am biased about things French and you are right. Her name first struck me, then the fact that she is bilingual drew me in and like the say, the rest is history. Step into her World for light-hearted chats.

Bernadette makes me think of strong women always and her posts inspire me to aim for greater heights.

Walking this path, I have been so blessed to have you all by my side. Thank you very much.’

My regards,

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


16 thoughts on “It’s A Love Thing…Featured Blogs #2

  1. Hi Sis,

    So sweet of you! Thank you so much for the love. I sincerely look forward to finally meeting you when next you visit Lagos. 😀

    It’s wonderful how blogging has introduced me to wonderful relationships with virtual friends that inspire me and bring smiles to my face.

    God bless you.

    Have a super nice weekend!

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  2. Well Thanks neighbor! I won’t tell you how long it took me to figure out it was me Lol. I love to see you here and over there 😀 This party is gonna be fun, hope i get round to it, cake yummm. I am always surprised if i ‘ inspire’ someone who has so many things going on and people here but I will keep on cheer-leading! It is just what i do.

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