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It’s A Love Thing – Featured Blogs 1 …

For the next 10 days till my Valentine Shindig, I will be featuring several blogs a day on one post, as a way of showing some love to fellow awesome and supportive blogger friends of mine.1454511643782[1]

You can share the fun and the love by sharing the party invitation as much as you can. Bring your Bae, your sweetheart, your neighbourlybloggers, your old lady, your old man, even your dogs and cats are invited.

It’s a way to connect with other bloggers and hey, who knows, you might hit it off with someone 😉

Please share and share alike. Thank you very much.

For today’s features, I am showing some love to the bloggers listed below:

‘Many waters  cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it.’ Song of Solomon 8:7

Diane  loves to read, loves to write, loves a good natter and laugh. I enjoy reading her book reviews on her platform ladies who lunch reviews and I have said to her, based on one or two stories that she wrote, that she is a natural storyteller. She is charmingly witty and I expect that when I eventually have an author’s blog which will include book reviews, I will be looking at Diane a lot to learn from her.

Oneta is one sweet grandma that I would so love to meet one day. Her posts are so homegrown and her supportive attitude is totally awesome. She always, always has a lovely saying and sage counsel. Please do go over to Sweet aroma and say hey.

Paula has been one cheerful blogger on this side of virtual things and I enjoy her refreshing outlook on running marathons with her champion of a husband. Her blog Never a dull bling speaks for itself.

My dear friend Rosema is one enthusiastic, friendly and supportive sister blogger. She is quite a wise one for her young age with a very humane nature. I see her going places. She can be found at a reading writer.

Oba is my Naija sister blogger and I am sure glad that I met her in this space. She has been so supportive and her lovely soul shines through. She will croon to your heart’s content and you will be richer for knowing her.

Where do I start talking about Tasha? In my language, when we say that someone is your personal person, that means a whole lot. Tasha is my personal person. I hope that one day, when I am back in the States we will meet up and have a girls day out together. She is a fabulous lady. How many ladies do you know that venture into security? She knows her security onions for sure ‘cos I have learnt quite a thing or two from her.

I keep telling Edwina that she is my sister from another mother. I love Edwina’s humour and simplicity. Her unassuming and friendly nature. I am happy to call her friend.

Maria’s photos attracted me to her and I simply got hooked to her beautiful nature. I admire the work that she does and right from the onset, she has been with me through this blogging adventure, supporting in her words. She is very down to earth and it will not be a mistake to hang out around this lovely lady.

We cannot put a price on joy can we? Joining Flash fiction for aspiring writers hosted by the amiable and lovely lady Priceless Joy, is one challenge that I am very glad I got involved in. Writing the stories on this platform has brought me far more satisfaction than I can say and interactions that have proven to be precious.

Pam is another beautiful friend that I am happy I connected with. She is always full of warmth and sage counsel and her love for God shines through her support. Thank you Pam for being there.

Gilly my big sister at Lucid gypsy is the Haiku master and very nifty with her clicking fingers. She has very good eyes and every time she is out and about, I feel as if I took the walk with her. She has been so wonderful to me with her encouragement and maybe she does not know this, but she is actually the one that me made start participating in some of the photo challenges.

When she serves up those dishes online, I take note. I enjoy interacting with Koolaidmoms and her obvious love for her family shows.

Dr Meg Sorick is one lovely prolific writer that I admire. Her short stories and limericks are always entertaining. She has made the challenging journey of becoming a writer look like a walk in the park and looking at her gives me hope.

My highly inspiring blog-some sister Emma is one lady who has selflessly offered her counsel, tips and encouragement without holding back. Emma’s multi-talents run deep and getting to know her is a blessing. Step into her virtual abode Shut that negative noise off for a wee bit.

Walking this path, I have been so blessed to have you all by my side. Thank you very much.’

My regards,

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


35 thoughts on “It’s A Love Thing – Featured Blogs 1 …

  1. Thank you, Jacqueline for mentioning me. You are also, important to me. I’m struggling health-wise right now and wary of making any commitment so, in the here and now, I want to share the love by re-blogging. God bless and keep you always. I am ever warmed by your brilliance and commitment!

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  2. Reblogged this on The king'soracle. and commented:
    Hey friends,join my amazing sister and friend in this exciting valentine party spreading and sharing love in the spirit of oneness. It’s a great way to meet great minds with kindred spirit. It’s a love thang! 😀


  3. This is a wonderful idea! Who says Valentine’s Day is only for real-time couples?! We build wonderful friendship in this blogosphere. There’s no better way to say how much we love everyone’s presence here! Way to go, Jacqueline! 🙂

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  4. I can’t imagine my smile could get any wider than it is now. I am beyond thrilled to be your “person” as you are mine. I had a dream about a week ago or so that we met and I am so looking forward to that day coming to pass! I’m sure I will have a blast with you Jackie…even if we’re just people watching lol

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