The 7 most important words you need to know…..

TimeIf I have only 7 words to share with you, I will by-pass all the niceties like ‘how do you do’ and go straight to the meatier part of things.

“Life is short! Apply your time well!”

These 7 golden words are as ancient as ever.

Your time spent here on Earth represents your life!

A simple analysis will give a clearer picture of the brevity of it all and how impoverished we all are when it comes to time.

A 70 year old gets 25,500 days.

An 80 year old gets 29,200 days.

A 90 year old gets 32,850 days.

A 100 year old gets 36,500 days.

With the stress level associated with today’s living, attaining old age has become a rarity.

Not every one will be lucky to see 70, 80 , 90 years and over.

Therefore, we must utilize the share that we get of this most precious and scarce resources judiciously.

Focus on the things that really matter such as: Living in Grace, Love, Joy, Hope, Happiness, Peace, Unity, Kindness, Gratitude, Family, Friends, Fulfillment, Self-Actualization, Understanding, Passion, Patience……

Don’t waste it by robbing yourself trying to live some other person’s life and do remember that in the expenditure of your time, the time taken to rejuvenate is not wasted time!

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

In response to The Daily Post Prompt Seven wonders

Khalil Gibran once said that people will never understand one another unless language is reduced to seven words. What would your seven words be?


43 thoughts on “The 7 most important words you need to know…..

  1. When you are younger, you never think about things changing as you become older. Yesterday Mr. Swiss celebrated 76 years and I will celebrate 69 this year. things fall into a different context, how much time is left? Will I become a vegetable eventually and how will I function. On the one hand you are glad that you have the work process behind you, but what is left?? Oh I am very philosiophical today.

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  3. What beautiful words that I just happened upon. I like them and will have to add that to my thoughts of Life is a Journey……don’t waste it and Never Give In Never Give UP! because sometimes it does get hard but that is all part of the Journey. Great Post

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