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How Many Have You Broken So Far?

So, have you joined us in the broken resolution club yet? If you haven’t, good for you and if you have, welcome to this club where some of us are experts in this field of resolution breaking.Image result for funny image quotes about new year resolutions

But here, we don’t believe in throwing a self-chastising pity party. Nah!

Most people embrace the start of a new year armed with a list of resolutions that stretch from Jerusalem to Jericho and enough enthusiasm to float a battleship, but by the time January hits the third week, a good length of these decisions become neglected, the gym becomes noticeably less crowded, the usual excuses set in that by mid-year, most of the aspirations are literally left in the dust.

The truth is that it’s definitely tough to keep up with these resolutions, however, the reality is that most times we equally set ourselves up for failure right from the get-go because half of the time, we underestimate the effort that staying on course requires, we overlook the fluctuations in our motivation and self-control while we overestimate our abilities .

Since the Auld Lang Syne wine has long left our bloodstream and the euphoria of a new year, new me has worn out, now is the time to cut yourself some slack with the chastising and to press that reset button to give yourself a new opportunity. Give yourself permission to redo things and maybe more sensibly this time. Naturally, when you set more realistic goals with modest expectations, you are far likelier to achieve success.

Don’t forget that self-reflection and development happens all year round and it’s not restricted to any date on the calendar. So, you’ve got this. Pace yourself and set bite-sized achievable goals that will give you that sense of accomplishment and even act as a catalyst to push higher.

Continue your year with a simple gift for yourself – be nicer to you and perhaps your top goal for this year should be to live each day with love and wisdom.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, permit yourself to pause, take deep calming breaths and focus on working out the thing that really matters most at that point in time. Jacqueline

Γ€ ta santΓ©


The 7 most important words you need to know…..

TimeIf I have only 7 words to share with you, I will by-pass all the niceties like ‘how do you do’ and go straight to the meatier part of things.

“Life is short! Apply your time well!”

These 7 golden words are as ancient as ever.

Your time spent here on Earth represents your life!

A simple analysis will give a clearer picture of the brevity of it all and how impoverished we all are when it comes to time.

A 70 year old gets 25,500 days.

An 80 year old gets 29,200 days.

A 90 year old gets 32,850 days.

A 100 year old gets 36,500 days.

With the stress level associated with today’s living, attaining old age has become a rarity.

Not every one will be lucky to see 70, 80 , 90 years and over.

Therefore, we must utilize the share that we get of this most precious and scarce resources judiciously.

Focus on the things that really matter such as: Living in Grace, Love, Joy, Hope, Happiness, Peace, Unity, Kindness, Gratitude, Family, Friends, Fulfillment, Self-Actualization, Understanding, Passion, Patience……

Don’t waste it by robbing yourself trying to live some other person’s life and do remember that in the expenditure of your time, the time taken to rejuvenate is not wasted time!

Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

In response to The Daily Post Prompt Seven wonders

Khalil Gibran once said that people will never understand one another unless language is reduced to seven words. What would your seven words be?

He Was Father’s Good Friend…a short story for you.

Drinking man

Today’s assignment in Writing 101 – Day 19 Assignment: Feature a Guest is actually a feature that I would like to inculcate in my blog posts going forward.

It would be a way of sharing those articles/words that ministered to me during the week, as well as serving the purpose of neighbourly recognition and encouragement.

They could come in the form of quotes, pictures, stories, experiences, anecdotes, recipes, etc.

The idea is to share my own short story followed by the links to the URL’s of those things that captivated my mind, that made me smile, ponder, cook, dance, rant in my mind, inspired and motivated me during the past few days.

He was fathers’ good friend… a short fiction.

He was fathers’ good friend, but he wasn’t mine! Even though he worked very hard to be my friend, his sweetness repulsed me! He would visit a lot of evenings and occupy space with his large frame, guffawing at every joke even those that I failed to understand.

Many attempts did he make to pinch my butt when no one looked. Attempts made to squeeze my budding chest under the pretext of an uncle-y hug. He fooled them all by his pretense to be a good one!

Armful of candies to cajole and sweeten Carols little mind, followed by his clumsy, harsh breathing hugs. As she grew up she knew what it was. The day she found him out for who and what he was, is not one that she cares to remember. Even though the foggy parts of her brain sometimes brings up these better forgotten memories….of a sleepover that turned into a night of pain.

She faltered and haltingly told mother; how she was hurt and she can remember the redness of mothers face. The string of curses that spewed from mothers mouth and her vengeful promise to deal with him.

He came calling again, his cloak of conviviality all annoying Carol’s 9 year old mind and she hid at a distance, away from his treacherous hugs.

Mother gave him good helpings of the casserole (Carol wondered why he never ate in his house, wasn’t he just the gluttonous one, wanting to covet his neighbours goods) and copious doses of wine.

He drank and he drank. Little dribbles and droplets dotted his pale shirt and stood stark like blood.

He left under the haze of wine and thereafter, and was never seen again.

Now and again Carols mind drifts and she wonders whatever became of him. How did mother get the boogie man to stop visiting?

Father seemed sad for sometime. His friend came visiting no more.


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