On Fiery Banks of Sand…

My view from a 45th floor at Dubai Marina

My view from a 45th floor at Dubai Marina

Though Dubai may sound like Mumbai,

In influence as well as affluence, different they are!

On feisty banks of fiery dynastic sands,

Mighty men bank dynastic dreams and hold their hands!

Where waves of heat, rolls down in sweat,

Here baked in the sand and down your hands!

Built on incessant backs of hardworking peasants,

Who faced from afar seem hard-paced and unpleasant!

Yet behind shrouds of bright coloured rags,

Are found bright eyes like yours and I!

Gigantic, architectural feats dots skyline for miles,

Every mile and feet spots your face in awe and smiles!

Houses are like daring sprouts, hugging the clouds with a lot of clout,

A twinkling feat and an attempt at tickling an Angels feet!

They flower so fast these beaming towers of concrete,

With crescents of moon carved into very fluorescent beam!

Beneath emissions of incandescent beauty,

Belies penchant for pedantic duty!

Flowing robes and thobes of white,

Slack beguiling robes of black and black,

Dots every spot, every crook and nook!

Dazzles and sparkles of gold to be sold

Beckon to you to come and behold!

A mix of the saintly saints and the saintly sinners,

The stoic-faced faces and the sunny-side faces,

A potpourri of cosmopolitan, metropolitan lifestyles

Mingle in this restless, sleepless city for miles and miles,

Resplendent in the banks of feisty, fiery miles of sand!

Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

In fulfillment of Writing 201 Poetry – Day 7: Neighborhood, Ballad,Β Assonance

Random pictures in Dubai

71 thoughts on “On Fiery Banks of Sand…

    • I know what you mean my dear. I really love the old city of Deira and Bur Dubai too. Feels more homey. Though we live at the swanky side of Jumeirah which, it has it charms too, I love to sneak off to the old city at every given opportunity. They are building a whole lot more πŸ™‚


  1. Glad you said that Dubai and Mumbai are different. My visits to Mumbai haven’t really made me fall in love with the city; your poem on Dubai on the other hand, makes me want to visit it.

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  2. Hey blogging twin :). The imagery is spot on, oh my, I felt like I was walking on the streets seeing everything for myself: feeling the heat, watching the bright people, the buildings. I especially like the technique of different font shade, it made the describing words stand out more.

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  3. Ah Dubai captured in your words. I long to go back, but the towering city is not for me for the long term. It’s good to visit for a while…that’s thrilling.

    I think you meant “every” here right: “carved into very fluorescent beam”?

    Good poem, very expressive with so many of the new tools we’ve learnt in one week from Ben therein πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s another way to see it Nadine too. However, I always try to maintain a view whereby, I search out for as much positives as I can in a place that I have to inhabit for a while, if not, it begins to irritate and become intolerable. I guess the patrons of the land seek to make a statement and they are doing just that. It does shine and shimmer with a lot of artifice.


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