When The Curtains Fall…

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I gaze through the window,
outside the light begins to fade
the sky has deepened,
from pale blue to darker blueish grey,
with patches of purple indigo and orange
then it swiftly goes black;
the days’ curtain closes
but I don’t draw my curtains
nor do I turn on the light

I stand here,
high up the 21st floor,
allowing the square glow
from the computer and TV
to light up the room,
as I gaze at the winking taillights
of commuters rushing home;
juxtaposed with people
whose strides have slowed to less hurrying pace

Yet as I take in the pockets of scene before me
the repetitive drone of the news on TV
channel my thoughts to another scene
in another place, at another time;
unfolding in my harassed imagination,
conjuring images of frantic panic
of horrified pandemonium
as gunshots spewed from the window
in rapid fire at innocent lives

Many struck,
blown down by hate,
their painful screams still stuck in their throat
eyes frozen in disbelieving shock
their startled spirits jumped out in a hasty exit
as their curtain falls with eyelids squeezed shut;
the streets run with blood, yet we covet the gun
returning to our sanctuaries, we sigh and pray in mourning,
and wait for the next massacre.



When society develops apathy to the ills found in its midst, the value of the life of its citizenry diminishes.

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Be Wise, it’s possible that I’ve been foolish!…Streams of consciousness Saturday.

‘Be wise,’ this caution repeats in my head so many times in a day, sometimes as early as when I rise up in the morning, that I am beginning to question myself to find out where my foolishness lies and why the caution keeps popping into my head.

How I wish the repetitive caution ‘be wise,’ jangled hard with cymbals and SoCS badge 2015vuvuzela when I am about to help myself to a second slice of pie or cheesecake.

I have no problem with being wise after all, that’s what aging is meant to bring, even though I am beginning to question some older people’s sense of reasoning these days.

Some of them seem to have sold their sense for two cents that common sense is becoming less common in the quarters where you expect to see it.

Be wary of slick-tongued politicians. They make promises that they can’t keep. All their bluster is simply empty air. I guess a nation can’t live without leaders to direct their affairs, but the current state of affairs of my dear country Nigeria makes me wonder what those old men garbed as politicians are doing in there?

They are selling the nation short and robbing it blind. Could they just be honest for once in their lives?

I guess not. It’s simply not in their best interest to be pillars of honesty, otherwise, they can’t become thieves.

Besides Nigerian economic and political woes, these days, I have become more cautious with listening to news that simply raises my angst.

I have basically whittled it down to the barest minimum. I barely bother to listen to CNN anymore because all I get to hear is American political brouhaha and we have till November to suffer through such news, not that they used to show better things in the first place :/

Anyway, before I become dour and boring, let me heed to my inner voice of be wise and save myself some foolishness.

This weekend, I am going to be absolutely and decadently lazy. I am going to be doing some ‘me introspective time’ and generally chilling with my brood.

Life is certainly beautiful and as Linda’s prompt suggests, I am just going to ‘be’ing and not doing.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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When Tomorrow Comes..

Retirement 2

As a matter of fact, these thoughts are not one’s that I have dwelt on in an in-depth fashion at all.

Maybe, because retirement is still far from my mind, but with the way that time gallops by, it is worth sparing a thought.

If the truth be told, I have not focused on this particularly, because I live with hope that I shall live long into very old age to declare of the good works of the Lord in the land of the living.

Part of my aspirations, is for old age to find me in a position of an accomplished writer. Retirement

In a good stead where I will remain a motivating mentor and inspirational support for young adults and the older ones alike.

However, that said, I guess I will need to live somewhere while carrying out these good works and I have always gravitated towards things European/Frenchy because of my bilingualism.

I do admire the shininess of new cities such as Dubai where I currently inhabit a space, but I absolutely adore vintage European architecture.

I hope to find myself in a position where I can live as close to nature as possible in a nice cottage, chateau, house….

Where I can grow my own tomatoes, peppers and vegetable….

Where quaint cafés and bookstores will dot the landscape and I can natter with Louise or Jean-Pierre or Marie or Thérèse, or Edmond or Yves, or Cécilia, or Jason, or Tasha, or Meg, or Elise, Géneviève and all the friendly humans that life can find….while enjoying a freshly baked croissant, cappuccino, fresh breeze and without fear of snipers.

Maybe Nice – France? Maybe Montreal – Quebec? Maybe Geneva – Switzerland? Maybe Toronto – Canada? Maybe Houston – Texas? Maybe Paris – France?

Who knows? I can only hope, work hard, pray and have faith.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

NaBloPoMo prompt – Thursday, November 19

Where would you want to retire if money wasn’t an issue?