When The Curtains Fall…

Las Vegas Shooting, Poem, Sad, Massacre, Memorial

I gaze through the window,
outside the light begins to fade
the sky has deepened,
from pale blue to darker blueish grey,
with patches of purple indigo and orange
then it swiftly goes black;
the days’ curtain closes
but I don’t draw my curtains
nor do I turn on the light

I stand here,
high up the 21st floor,
allowing the square glow
from the computer and TV
to light up the room,
as I gaze at the winking taillights
of commuters rushing home;
juxtaposed with people
whose strides have slowed to less hurrying pace

Yet as I take in the pockets of scene before me
the repetitive drone of the news on TV
channel my thoughts to another scene
in another place, at another time;
unfolding in my harassed imagination,
conjuring images of frantic panic
of horrified pandemonium
as gunshots spewed from the window
in rapid fire at innocent lives

Many struck,
blown down by hate,
their painful screams still stuck in their throat
eyes frozen in disbelieving shock
their startled spirits jumped out in a hasty exit
as their curtain falls with eyelids squeezed shut;
the streets run with blood, yet we covet the gun
returning to our sanctuaries, we sigh and pray in mourning,
and wait for the next massacre.



When society develops apathy to the ills found in its midst, the value of the life of its citizenry diminishes.


21 thoughts on “When The Curtains Fall…

  1. You capture the imagery with your words so aptly. We hope that these senseless massacre will end and nabbed in the bud before it happens again. The world is experiencing so much hate and pain in recent times.

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  2. I have no idea what was going on in the mind of that mass shooter. Whether it was true hate, or something else. All I know is that prayer and hopes that it won’t happen again, are likely not enough, in my opinion. True action has to be taken to make it more difficult for such things to happen. There are options already known, but extremely strong resistance or extreme lack of caring keeps those options from being tested.

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  3. The NRA controls the Congress and Senate. They contribute heavily to politicians campaigns. We will never have the strict gun control laws we need. Actually there is a mass murder every day in America. Las Vegas just made news because of the number of people killed. There will be another mass murder because America is saturated with guns, gun lovers and it’s easy to buy weapons without background checks.

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