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No More Urgently….Bridegroom Wanted…

black couple in love

For several weeks Tess has decided not to bother any longer with the online dating hullabaloo.

The ping-pong uncertainty of it all was just not for her nerves. She simply wanted to meet a nice gentleman in a more conventional way and not chew her nails down to nubs from the nerves of dating a total stranger.

She still finds it romantic that her parents met some thirty five years ago at a friends wedding and within the space of a few weeks they knew that they were meant for each other.

”I think I am just going to enjoy being by myself; living and loving myself and letting my harmony flow.”

All the relationship Buddha’s advice about focusing on doing you, doing something that you love, staying in tune with your inner-self, self development, examining and getting rid of the junk in your trunk and growing the feeling of being complete in yourself, so that when the gentleman appears, he only complements the wholesome you, all sounded worthwhile.

She decided to do more fun stuff and not let her life revolve only around work, online scouting, mooning under the duvet reading romantic novels that left her with unsatisfied cravings in the pits of her stomach and yet more work.

She found that indeed there was so much that she could do alone or with a gal-pal and for the first time in some good moons, she felt satisfied, happy with herself and not pressed.

The tinkling ring of her telephone interrupted her thoughts. It was Anna.

”Sorry Tess, I can’t join you for the movies today, can we do next week?”

”Why? What’s up? I was just getting ready to leave.”

”Joe is town unexpectedly and I have agreed to have dinner with him tonight.”

”Girl, you know that’s just a booty call?” She tentatively said to Anna.

There was a lot on the tip of Tess’s tongue to say but she held it in check. She didn’t want it to seem like she was a miserable, jealous friend, but her guts told her that Joe is simply stringing Anna along and that doom would surely arrive one day soon.

”Oh well! Have fun. I’ll still go.” She said and hung up.

The trailer of the The Kings Men was very interesting and it promised to be an adrenaline satisfying watch.

She settled down with her buttery popcorn and a soda in the cinema, whose darkness was only interrupted by the flickers of screen-light and the tiny blue lights on the stair edgings.

Just as the movie started off, a bumbling, hulking shadow picking his way to the seat behind Tess’s row tripped over someone’s feet and his ketchup, mustard covered hot dog flew through the air, landing in Tess’s lap.

She squealed in startled surprise thinking it was a live creature. When she realized it was a hot-dog, she shot daggers with her eyes at the skulking fellow who had mumbled an apology and quickly settled into his seat with all the urgent shushing sounds of other viewers.

It was quite a worthy watch and she soon found herself enjoying the movie and no longer stewing over the startling fright.

Making her way to the ladies with the exiting crowd, a warm hand tentatively settled on her shoulders just outside the doorway and she paused in her strides.

‘So sorry about that Tess.”

”Of course! It has to be pompous Humphrey.” She thought uncharitably.

”Its okay!” She accepted his apology with an impatient wave of hand.

”If its really okay, them you must allow me to pay for the laundering and to buy you dinner at least?” He suggested.

”Oh why not?” Her little sensible voice said.

‘With such gracious and earnest request, you’ ve got to accept.” The inner tussle continued.

But it’s boring, pompous Humphrey!” Her inner goddess grumbled.

”It’s just dinner, not a walk down the aisle.” The two voices tussled.

”Okay! Tess said to him. ‘‘Let me just freshen up.”

To be continued…Part 1, Part 2,Part 3,Part 4,Part 5

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

There’s been a lot of harvesting this week from all the neighbours pastures but I will just share these few with you. I hope that you find time to visit them.

Have a good week ahead lovely people.

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He’s Hung Over….Husband Wanted Urgently!

Black couples 2

It’s been a couple of weeks since Tess bothered to connect with anyone online.

A number of pings had come in, but she was tired of trying to imagine who the real person was; behind the eyes and their best profiles showing off their best angles.

After her last dates debacle, she was a bit down in dating spirit and also leery about jumping back into the fray.

She had no idea what kind of fish she might catch again. Would it be a friendly snapper, a piranha, a barracuda, an octopus or an outright snarky shark. Her man fishing luck hadn’t yet yielded much dividend.

Mark looked like a decent sort according to the online matching criteria and their brief chats whetted her appetite to meet him.

”Okay! This is one more taking a chance. Third time lucky or simply not.”

No dressing to the nines for this particular date. A nice pair of slacks paired with soft flowery cashmere blouse and comfortable pumps, she was good to go.

They had agreed to meet at Mid-Point, a pub favoured by the young and smart.

She waited for twenty minutes in her little car, admired her shiny new nail polish and when she felt certain that he would have arrived, she strolled into the crowded pub.

It’s Friday evening and the happy hour crowd were gathered in little cliques.

She paused for a bit as her eyes did a quick scan of the room to identify the face that had stared back at her over the past few days.

He had proposed skyping but she still didn’t get the hang of it and for some reason the idea didn’t quite gel with her.

”Hello Tess?” A hesitant voice that belonged to a pleasant faced looking chap asked as he stepped up to her.

With her acknowledgement, they got seated in a nice spot which offered vantage view of the pubs goings-on.

”He looks okay.” Her little sensible voice argued with her cheekier goddess voice that thought Mark had no ‘oomph’ about him.

”Well, those ones who have loads of oomph always seem to have baggage of trouble as well, remember Tim?” Sensible voice reminded inner goddess.

Soon enough they had their orders placed and got down to having a chat.

”Hmm! This is really delicious. Thank you for telling me to choose this.” Taking a long sip of the Chipotle grapefruit margarita, Tess expressed her delight with the drink.

”It’s really good right? That’s Shawna’s favorite drink too.” Realizing his gaffe, he quickly tried to cover it up, but, it did not take a long time for Tess to realize that Mark was still totally hung up on his ex-girlfriend.

Every tail of their discussion found a way of swinging back to his past relationship, to his sadness, bitterness and disappointment.

It came as no surprise to learn that Mid-point was Mark and Shawna’s fave pub. He probably kept coming back in hope of catching a glimpse of his ex.

It was embarrassing for Tess to watch as his eyes involuntarily kept drifting around in expectation.

From all indications, he was simply on a rebound and if Shawn changed her mind and came back to him, any unlucky new lady involved with Mark would be dropped like hot potato.

He was a nice chap, from all indications, but he just wasn’t the one for her.

Her heart went out to the nice young man seated before her. She knew what it felt like to love someone who just didn’t love you back.

She had been in such a relationship in the past and had no intentions of investing her emotions anymore in a one-sided affair. She felt sorry for Mark but not sorry enough to be a second fiddle.

Her man was somewhere out there waiting to find her, but she wasn’t sure it was going to be online.

Her nerves couldn’t take all the dating anxiety and gambles like Kate had. There has to be a better way but she is yet to find it.

To be continued…Part 1,Part 2, Part 3Part 4

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Like you already know, I love digging in the neighbours yard. One never knows the treasures that may be found within. I present to you this bits that I found:

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and From my very own home girl and sister blogger OBA enjoy her lovely Christmas release. Just follow the YouTube link below.

My kind regards to you all and have a good week ahead 🙂






Dating Debacle…Bridegroom Wanted Urgently!

Romantic couple

Tess tried not to feel upset and anxious.

45 minutes

She has been waiting for 45 minutes and the small sips of her drink had dwindled to the last remaining drop.

”After this drink, I am just going to leave,” she muttered.

”It’s not as if I needed this drink that badly, but I couldn’t very well sit and twiddle my thumbs while waiting for a dude who obviously has no plans of turning up.”

The Goose and Berry was not really her kind of place.

It’s a testosterone filled pub where men stared unabashedly at her, which made her throat tighten in discomfort.

”My mistake not to have taken Kate’s advise to heart.” She chided herself.

As the queen of online dates Kate has quite some experience under her belt.

”Always breeze in 10-15 minutes after the agreed time and if the dude is not seated and waiting, walk out quietly.” ”Never set off on the footing of sitting around and waiting for the guy to turn up.” A very bad trend! Kate advised.

Just as she signaled the waiter for her bill with her lovely manicured fingers, her late date came breezing in and as he ambled over, her internally wired male data appreciation did a quick scan.

He’s not bad looking.

”Tall” – Check

”Attractive” – Check very attractive.

Nicely turned out in his fitted deep blue jeans and light blue checkered shirt with rolled sleeves, which showed off appropriately muscled and brawny arms.

Not bad by half an inch, her inner goddess muttered but he obviously sucked at time keeping.

With a wry smile of apology he drawled an excuse of a meeting running late and battery running low.

He is easy on the eye like Sunday morning and she was willing to take his excuse.

”Who knows? We might hit it off.” She thought.

She felt the stirrings of attraction – on her side at least, and as she ran her appreciative eyes once again from his face downwards, her zoom lens zeroed in on a well placed hickey by his left ear.

She blinked and stared. Yes indeed, its a hickey and even a faint trace of lipstick and powder on his collar.

Maybe it’s an enthusiastic colleague, she excused the hickey.

”My apologies once again,” Tim said. ”So what would you like to eat, have you had something?”

”Hmm!” She thought ”Ah! A guy who likes to take charge of things.”

They ordered and got comfortable in getting better acquainted beyond the online basics and everything seemed to rhyme well, but Tess’s eyes couldn’t stay away from straying to the hickey and powdered collar now and again.

He had her laughing in no time, sending the right vibes up and down her spine.

”He’s worth several more dates.” Her inner goddess sighed in agreement.

”Good sense of humour” – check.

”Seems confident in himself” – check.

She tried to rein in her runaway thoughts, but he stood up suddenly and before she could say Linda, a buxom fireball of a lady descended on them, fireballs stance all taut and poised for a showdown.

”Tim, what a surprise.” Uttered fireball in a voice that dripped with lethal anger and not too surprised.

”This must be your illustrious business partner.” Fireball gave Tess a disdainful look.

Tess was quick to deduce that fireball must be the hickey planter and lipstick owner.

”Close your mouth darling. I am sure you thought I was too stupid not to know that something didn’t add up with your sudden flux of meetings in recent times. I had to confirm my suspicions for myself.”

Tess quickly gathered her wits and her handbag and made a quick exit. She didn’t want to get caught in the flak of an angry woman’s tirade.

”What a philandering Tomcat!” She shook her head as she tried to process the entire scene.

”Why on Earth do I always manage to find the dodgy, cheating characters?” She muttered in resigned sadness.

To be continued…Part 1Part 2, Part 3 

The links to other parts are attached in case you haven’t read the previous series.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

As you know, I always like to excavate other neighbours treasures and I offer some to you today 🙂

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The First Date…Bridegroom Wanted Urgently!

couples in love

Tess took another quick peek at the mirror of her compact powder.

No, there’s no dodgy piece of green stuff stuck on any dentition.

Yes, her lip gloss still shimmered.

Her hair still looked healthy and soft; every strand was in the right place.

A bit of powdering to stop any shiny nose, a second look at the slender wrist watch and it was time to go into the restaurant.

It hadn’t been easy sitting out the past fifteen minutes in her car waiting for the appropriate time to step in. She had tortured herself with all manners of imagined dating debacles.

Any respectable young lady shouldn’t turn up for a first date ahead of the time agreed with the guy, she remembered Kate’s advise. It would make her appear too desperate.

Striking a balance is just the right thing. Ten or Fifteen minutes after the scheduled time, then you stroll in leisurely, in controlled steps with just the right amount of swagger to the hips.

Thistle Bar, just the right kind of place for a first time online hook-up. It was her first time in there and it was quite decent.

It was a high street casual bar which was not too high end pricey and not too drive thru junk-food kind of place. Just a balance of both.

He had said he would be wearing a coffee coloured shirt and she told him that she would be wearing fushia. He hadn’t known what fushia looked like precisely, so she had sent a picture of the dress.

It was one of her best colours and lovely dress hugged her curves in the right places.

That must be him, as a pair of eager eyes lit up in her direction. The face looked recognizable and the shirt was dark coffee coloured.

She picked her way past a few rows of seated customers, a tentative smile plastered on her face.

As she approached him, he stood up like a gentleman and Tess’s heart sank to the bottom of her peep toe heeled sandals.

He was not tall by any standard whatsoever! As a matter of fact, in her opinion, he was hugely short.

She quickly ran through her mind, checking to determine if she had seen an indication of height on his bio.

Was height not important? Was it mentioned or not mentioned? She couldn’t remember but her hopes had just received it’s first dashing.

She liked her men tall and had never dated a guy shorter than herself before.

Patrick was fairly an okay character. He even made her smile a couple of times, but there was absolutely no spark – at least on her own side.

The meet-up was not a bad one at all, though she could not afford to eat out often, but hey, if you want to eat omelet, you have to crack some eggs.

She doubted very much if there would be a repeat date. He didn’t ask and she didn’t suggest.

To be continued. Part 1 Part 2

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

As you know, I like to excavate other neighbours treasures and I offer some to you today 🙂

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Have a beautiful day today my peeps.

Now, lets take a moment and dance.

On The Prowl! Husband Wanted Urgently!…

Black couples

Tess sifted through dozens of photographs of possible date matches. It was a surprise to discover an entire World of supposed eligible bachelors out there.

Putting up her own profile was a task she hadn’t expected to be that demanding. Her attempt to make a headline grabber, the right smile, the right amount of information was not as simple as she had thought.

The increased pings of her messenger for her new dating account, increased her excited nerves even though she still had trepidation about the whole thing, especially with the list of do’s and don’ts Kate had mentioned to her.

It was almost beginning to sound like an espionage escapade.

”Make sure you have a pepper spray handy!”

”Set up a separate email account.”

”Don’t give out your address or house number.”

If need be, invest in a stun gun!” ”What? I don’t want to go shooting anyone!” She had shrieked.

”Only meet them at a public place.”

”Use spiked drink detector nail polish, so you don’t find yourself suddenly floating along with all his requests.”

”Don’t allow kisses on the first date.”

”No going to apartments for a night cafe etc, etc.”

”Make eye contacts as you talk to him.” ”If they are shifty, don’t trust him!”

Blah, yadda, blah, blah..

Whats a girl’s to do when she needs to do to find her prince in these tough times, she thought to herself?

These days, the competition was stiffer.

The good guys were all grabbed and even a lot of very delicious looking ones were into other dudes.

She still recalled her utmost disappointment when she had moved in and met the very polite handsome Latino hunk of a male specimen living downstairs, Steve; he was equally taken by another interesting looking bloke!

This one doesn’t look so bad, she mused to herself as she stared at the face on her laptop. He had such a sincere, earnest, open look and not too bad looking as well. His bio also read well.

”Nothing ventured, nothing gained”, she muttered to herself as she clicked the button to initiate a chat.

”I cannot afford to live through the debacle of another uncoupled birthday with my folks.”

”I’d rather buy a ticket to Mexico than go through that embarrassing episode again.”

How could Mama invite Deaconess Elfrida’s son, Humphrey to pair up with me?

He is such a sanctimonious and pompous ass!

Auntie Virginia had kept rattling on and on in her persnickety high-pitched voice on ”Tips of how to catch a guy.” A most mortifying moment.

”Time for hair touch-up girl”, She thought, as she idly fingered her locks.

To be continued. Husband wanted urgently Part 1

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

This was meant to go out last week Saturday, but I couldn’t bring myself to send it out in the light of recent activities and in that time, I have found more gems in my neighbours garden. Do take a peek with me.

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It’s a wrap my good people. Let’s have a calm weekend shall we. God Bless and take care.

Image credit: Pinterest.

Bridegroom Wanted! Urgently!…

Groom wanted

Tess stares around her tiny, sparsely furnished apartment in contemplation.

Her last purchase, a lovely ornate antique mirror, found during one of her forays in a delightful rustic gem of a store, stood in a corner, reflecting the soft glow of the early morning sun.

Time to go foraging for more things, she thinks. Those antique stores sell all manners of lovely odds and ends with lots of character and a story lurking somewhere in the background. ”That hand carved chest of drawers was simply gorgeous.” ”I wonder if it’s still available?”

Slowly but surely, her bohemian taste in furnishing her apartment will be a signature of hard won independence. It had been a major feat to move out of her parents home.

“Who still lives with their parents in their late 20’s, in this day and age?”

Her thought of age draws her like magnet to the mirror.

She stares a bit sullenly at her reflection, pursing her lips as she assessed herself from side to side.

Her figure is still arresting. Flat taut tummy and nicely shaped rump. Lovely peaks – check √

”Not bad at all, if I must say so myself, she thinks in her head.”

”I may not be drop dead and roll over gorgeous but I sure look good!”

”Those heated gazes of appreciative eyes when I traipse down the street cannot be a lie”, she reasons.

”Yet here I am a week to the big Three 0 and no flicker of romance in my life”, her musings carried on.
A critical look at the mirrored face does not yield a wrinkle.”Not yet”, she utters thankfully.

”Not a birthday to look forward to.” ”Going over to the house, mama, as usual will be looking at me in expectation of news as if I can conjure a husband with the wave of a wand.”

”Hmm! Maybe, it’s really time to try this online dating!” ”I will talk to Kate to give me the low-down.”

It seems to be going alright with her new online boo – after many disasters, but like they say, you may need to kiss several frogs before you find your prince….

To be continued..

From my neighbours chest of drawers, the interesting things that I found:

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As much as possible, I tried not to allow my mind and heart to be affected by racial inflections but sometimes you read something that tugs at you like when you are born black.

That’s it from me folks.

It’s a good day today. Be blessed and enjoy your weekend.

Who would like to dance with me? Puhleeeez 😉

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

A sleepless night..

happy couple

She giggled softly, speaking in hushed tones as she ambled off to the restroom with her phone held to her ears.
Felix watched her vanishing back and swaying hips with a frown on his face. In the past few weeks, he noticed that Monica’s phone had been pinging and ringing off the hook; though it was now on vibration mode.
It went off every few seconds and she would rush to pick it up, finding an excuse to leave the vicinity for a private enclosure. She was not a phone addict before. Something had changed seriously. As a matter of fact, he noted that a whole lot had changed.
Her dressing was more careful, floral and feminine in newer outfits which accentuated her marginal weight loss and new shape. She preened more than ever and appeared far more confident in her own skin. These days, she barely bothered to argue with him and floated in a self-contained sheen of private satisfaction with a glint in her eyes.

As he reviewed the subtle but obvious changes, his thoughts twitched curiously. He was curious enough to want to know what Monica’s new source of change was. Her exuding radiance and delight in playing African hip-hop songs on her headphones which were on constant shuffle were all novel to him.

Flushing the toilet for the umpteenth time that Saturday afternoon, she stepped out, looked into the vanity mirror, patted her weave and teased her wavy curls into place.

“Are you having a bad tummy?” Felix asked.

“No, I am not”, she responded.

“You seem to spend so much time in the loo these days, that I wondered if something is wrong”, he pointed out.

She was a bit taken aback by his observation, but she kept quiet.

Right on cue, her phone went brr, brr in her pocket, though she chose to ignore it.

”If you can manage to peel yourself from your phone chatting for a short while, I am still hungry, so make me something to eat” he ordered her without as much as a please.

His curiosity was greatly piqued and the suspicion which had taken root in his mind was equally pulling at his heartstrings. He needed to get to the bottom of her infernal active phone.

As they retired to bed that night, he could barely shut his eyes, and as Monica snored in deep sleep, he sneakily unplugged her phone which was charging by her bedside and went into the restroom to peruse through it. To his surprise, it was locked. Disappointed and miffed, he returned it to her bedside but deliberately left it unplugged.

Sunday morning dawned with the brightness of the early morning sun streaming in through the window blades. As Monica got dressed to go to church with the children – since Felix had gradually stopped attending church service, it was a surprise to find him dressing up to go with them. It was either he chose to sleep in due to spending a late night out with friends or his new found scientific knowledge which had gradually overtaken his spiritual belief stood in his way and she was tired of fighting a battle that only seemed to widen the rift between them.

For over five years, she had looked on in envy at couples in church who seemed to be handling their union in a better fashion, even though she did not know what happened behind their closed doors.

She had prayed and fought to renew the vigor and excitement of their union but nine years of togetherness had lost its flavor and Felix was more interested in the young University girls who were never in short supply.

Another surprise followed the church service. He decided to take his family out for brunch at Symphony. Monica could not recall when last they dined out or went out together except for a family friends wedding or burial. Every time she made mention of time out with him, he would glower, remind her how difficult money was to come by, yet he was never broke on Friday night out with the boys. She gave up bothering after some time.

The constant little buzz of her phone which was lying on the table was driving needles of increased interest into Felix as he watched through lowered eyelids to see if she would open her phone so that he can phish her password, but she seemed less inclined to respond.

The dance of the snake and its charmer continued for several days and as each day passed Felix got more twisted in his gut with the burning desire to grab his wife’s phone. He noted minutiae details in her expressions and contorted meanings into every thing. He even started coming home a little earlier, hoping to catch her in the act of unfaithfulness as he was inclined to believe.

Eventually, he got lucky. Whilst she was in the kitchen preparing dinner, he lingered, commenting on the savory aroma emanating from the soup pot. Monica was unsettled, her mind was curious as to the turn of events in recent times. Felix would normally sit in the living room, flipping through the sports channels on TV, his feet put up on the center table and he will be bellowing his orders from that distance; but here he was, in her kitchen, making idle conversation. Her phone beeped, and she absentmindedly keyed in her password, it was her sister Benedicta calling for some information.

He had stored the password in his memory bank and that night as she slept, he sneaked once again into the restroom with her phone clutched in his clammy hands and his heart thudding faster than usual. His imaginations had run riot over these past few weeks, and he was not sure of what to expect, but he was fishing for sufficient evidence to nail her.

Opening her phone, he carefully scanned through her emails, her Facebook page and messenger, her Black Berry Messenger, WhatsApp, and text messages. It was a surprise to know that his wife had a twitter account, a Google+ account and instagram. He had no idea she was up to date with social media and he had practically forgotten how intelligent she was.

He wondered when his boring woman turned into a sexy mama when he looked at all the alluring pictures that she had on her pages. His eyes nearly popped out of its sockets whilst reading through the various chats that she had online with interested gentlemen.

Marveling at the obvious budding online romance she was having with a certain Jay Black; and Jay Black was a divorced handsome bastard with flat muscled abs to boot! His jealous heart felt twinges of pain and he bristled in anger. He couldn’t wait to attack her.

He quickly opened her online private diary and voraciously assimilated its contents.

He read her prayers for him and their children.

He read her doubts in him and her loneliness; not only when he traveled on business trips, but even when he was around.

He learnt how he was gradually letting go of his mantle as the spiritual head of his family and only shoved his position of the head of the family in making decisions that took them to nowhere, or in bossing her around.

He read her personal account of him as a selfish and lousy lover and her silent dissatisfaction over the years.

He learnt how neglectful he had been and how he had failed in providing for his family; not for want of not having the means, but due to his careless attitude.

He learnt that she was tired of a marriage that left her feeling as if she was a single parent most times and she only stuck to the union because she did not want to leave their children with the legacy of a broken home.

He learnt how deeply hurt she felt about all his extra-marital affairs that he thought were top secret.

It was a sober revelation and reflection.

He looked at who he had become and what would likely happen in a couple of years if they continued down that road.

The male ego part of him that bristled wanted to accuse her of dating online, of unfaithfulness, of cheating. A little niggling part of him reminded him how neglectful he had been. If the truth be told, how he had been a lousy husband and father.

He thought about his wife all over again, and knew that he still loved her. He did not want to lose his Monica to a fast talking Jay Romeo who sent her lovely poems and virtual flowers.

Rising from the toilet seat where he had sat for several hours, he stepped back into the carpet padded room, stood and gazed at his wife through the soft illumination of light coming from the restroom and heaving a sigh of pent-up emotions, he got back into bed and drew her malleable warm form into his body his mind made up to fall in love all over again.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha