No More Urgently….Bridegroom Wanted…

black couple in love

For several weeks Tess has decided not to bother any longer with the online dating hullabaloo.

The ping-pong uncertainty of it all was just not for her nerves. She simply wanted to meet a nice gentleman in a more conventional way and not chew her nails down to nubs from the nerves of dating a total stranger.

She still finds it romantic that her parents met some thirty five years ago at a friends wedding and within the space of a few weeks they knew that they were meant for each other.

”I think I am just going to enjoy being by myself; living and loving myself and letting my harmony flow.”

All the relationship Buddha’s advice about focusing on doing you, doing something that you love, staying in tune with your inner-self, self development, examining and getting rid of the junk in your trunk and growing the feeling of being complete in yourself, so that when the gentleman appears, he only complements the wholesome you, all sounded worthwhile.

She decided to do more fun stuff and not let her life revolve only around work, online scouting, mooning under the duvet reading romantic novels that left her with unsatisfied cravings in the pits of her stomach and yet more work.

She found that indeed there was so much that she could do alone or with a gal-pal and for the first time in some good moons, she felt satisfied, happy with herself and not pressed.

The tinkling ring of her telephone interrupted her thoughts. It was Anna.

”Sorry Tess, I can’t join you for the movies today, can we do next week?”

”Why? What’s up? I was just getting ready to leave.”

”Joe is town unexpectedly and I have agreed to have dinner with him tonight.”

”Girl, you know that’s just a booty call?” She tentatively said to Anna.

There was a lot on the tip of Tess’s tongue to say but she held it in check. She didn’t want it to seem like she was a miserable, jealous friend, but her guts told her that Joe is simply stringing Anna along and that doom would surely arrive one day soon.

”Oh well! Have fun. I’ll still go.” She said and hung up.

The trailer of the The Kings Men was very interesting and it promised to be an adrenaline satisfying watch.

She settled down with her buttery popcorn and a soda in the cinema, whose darkness was only interrupted by the flickers of screen-light and the tiny blue lights on the stair edgings.

Just as the movie started off, a bumbling, hulking shadow picking his way to the seat behind Tess’s row tripped over someone’s feet and his ketchup, mustard covered hot dog flew through the air, landing in Tess’s lap.

She squealed in startled surprise thinking it was a live creature. When she realized it was a hot-dog, she shot daggers with her eyes at the skulking fellow who had mumbled an apology and quickly settled into his seat with all the urgent shushing sounds of other viewers.

It was quite a worthy watch and she soon found herself enjoying the movie and no longer stewing over the startling fright.

Making her way to the ladies with the exiting crowd, a warm hand tentatively settled on her shoulders just outside the doorway and she paused in her strides.

‘So sorry about that Tess.”

”Of course! It has to be pompous Humphrey.” She thought uncharitably.

”Its okay!” She accepted his apology with an impatient wave of hand.

”If its really okay, them you must allow me to pay for the laundering and to buy you dinner at least?” He suggested.

”Oh why not?” Her little sensible voice said.

‘With such gracious and earnest request, you’ ve got to accept.” The inner tussle continued.

But it’s boring, pompous Humphrey!” Her inner goddess grumbled.

”It’s just dinner, not a walk down the aisle.” The two voices tussled.

”Okay! Tess said to him. ‘‘Let me just freshen up.”

To be continued…Part 1, Part 2,Part 3,Part 4,Part 5

Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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26 thoughts on “No More Urgently….Bridegroom Wanted…

  1. This a quite an engaging story…that keeps us coming back for more :). Thanks so much for continuing to write and share it with us, so we can participate in the journey with you, as your characters interact and Tess’s story unfolds beautifully.

    It is also wonderful you enjoyed my article and thank you for linking to it ~ I feel humbled πŸ™‚ Hope your lovely readers finds it useful too, in helping them to overcome their fears. All the best to you and yours for the rest of the weekend and the upcoming Holidays :). Cheers

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  2. :0) Driven by Passion is mine and enlightment angels was sweet enough to reblog. :0))) I’m sure it was an innocent oversight. Continued blessings, Emma

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hehe @ the Dr. title you gave me.

    I am looking out for what happens to Tess and the pompous guy, I am becoming a bit over protective of her, haha. I wish I could tell her to stop worrying about how other couples meet, every lovers stories are different. Stop comparing herself.

    Liked by 1 person

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