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Wonder Full! – My Thinking Corner.

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There’s absolutely no mistake,
Not in the way you were made.
You are the masterpiece of the Master sculptor.
For you are as beautiful as you allow yourself to be.
From within to without,
From the tip of your hair,
To your buck teeth,
To the flat soles of your feet,
You are you.
The you that you are is wonderful,
You are no less than anyone else.
Never spend unnecessary time comparing yourself to another,
For you are made unique.
You must remember to tell yourself this every day.
You have courage.
You have strength.
You have confidence.
You have self-respect and love.
In the stillness of the morning,
In the noise of the day,
In the darkness of the night,
Never fail to tell yourself,
That the sculptor made no mistakes with you,
From within to without,
Until you accept it,
And it is settled,
In your Spirit, Body, and Soul.

Positive affirmations breed positive things.


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Undaunted Belief – Midnight Motivation

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I’ve noticed that the greatest difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is not about luck, talent, intelligence, opportunity, resources. These factors are contributing factors to success, but it’s the belief that they can make their goals happen that makes the difference.

If you don’t believe in yourself, then it doesn’t matter how big your dreams are or how talented you are. No matter what a person’s resources are, it is the work that they put in themselves that¬†shifts their paradigm. People who make it despite their odds is dependent on their core beliefs and in the centre of that belief is ‘you.’

Expand your picture of your life and remain on the road of expansion.

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My Thinking Corner

Greatness is a choice – My Thinking Corner

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The unblemished truth about our lives is that we are who we think we are, therefore, if we are dissatisfied with who we are in our present time, then we must change our thinking.

Reaching for the greatness in you is a choice. The greatness is a given, but it takes your service to bring it out. You’ve got to run after it.

It’s easy to sit down and make wishes, but success is achieved by ordinary people who make fewer excuses, who procrastinate less. The small things in life add up to the bigger picture, each day counts. Everything you do must be done to the best of your ability, even in the smallest things like picking up your own trash.

Show up every day for life with your best attitude and leave the rest for the power higher than you. Life takes notice and the Universe rewards.

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My Thinking Corner

My Thinking Corner – Don’t Settle!

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  • Keep seeking for higher ground and don’t settle for less. You can do more than you can ever begin to imagine if you really want.

    Don’t park your dream on the side and settle for less than you know life can give you. Keep reaching higher.

  • You’ve got to reprogram that mind to accommodate the big dreams that you’ve got.

    When a mind is set in its pattern of thinking it becomes myopic and doesn’t allow room for expansion. When people say this is the way I am, in essence, they admit that they are not willing to change or grow if need be, especially when it comes to negative habits and thought patterns that need¬†to be changed.

  • You are never too old to learn. You continue self-mastery as long as the clock of your heart is ticking.

Setbacks will surely come as we journey along the path of life, are you prepared?

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My Thinking Corner

Living as You – My Thinking Corner

I knew that I would run out of fuel living as someone else, so, the best shot I’ve got at living is to live as me – Jacqueline

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The best peace that we can give ourselves is to come to terms with who we truly are, embrace it and move forward from there.

Our life is intertwined with sweet and bitter moments, sometimes the bitterness tends to erode the sweetness, but I’ve learnt and still learning that we can enrich our bitter moments and turn it into fodder for sweeter moments.

Don’t stay in that categorised box where others have chosen to keep you. Liberate yourself, cut lose and live fully. You are more than a label.

Lady Cee shares with us snippets of 12 shades of thinking and a free e-book by renowned Dr John Maxwell.


My Thinking Corner

Excuse Me – My Thinking Corner


Buy yourself a one-way ticket away from Excuse Island, I just left that place and there’s nothing is happening there – Jacqueline

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I have learned that excuses are as bountiful as ever but opportunities are so few and when our excuses become a habit, they simply perpetuate failure.

The choice to make changes or to make excuses is all yours, but remember to claim the results and not shift the blame on someone else.

Carol shares a beautiful post ‘Enjoy the gift of life,’ take a peek and find nuggets within.

Proverbs 26: 13 A sluggard says, ‚ÄúThere‚Äôs a lion in the road,¬†a fierce lion roaming the streets!‚Ä̬†14¬†As a door turns on its hinges,¬†so a sluggard turns on his bed.

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Tuesday Trickles.. My Thinking Corner # 20..

Every Tuesday,¬†I share snippets of thoughts that I call ‚ÄėMy Thinking Corner.‚Äô

I would like to invite you to participate. The challenge is quite simple.

Each Tuesday, share your very short snippets of positive, inspiring, motivating, health, spiritual, writing advice, clips, posts etc, that can serve as a prop to motivate others and simply add my link to your post.

I call it my thinking corner because, I actually take out a bit of time just to think through things, encapsulate my thoughts as much as possible and detoxify my mind. It helps give me clarity of vision and might help you too.

It might work for you in a different way, but the idea is to get the positive thoughts flowing.

Please send in your little thoughts. You never know whose life you might inspire.


Today, I will share some proverbs with you.

‚ô¶ It is when you say I have reached my destination, that you should watch your steps lest you stumble.

‚ô¶ My people say that when you wake up is your morning, which means that whenever you start to pursue your purpose is good enough. I however, say that you should desist from oversleeping and waking at night, lest you may never see any morning.

‚ô¶ The fruits of the harvest can be identified from its seed. What seed are you sowing in your life and the life of others in your circle of influence?

‚ô¶ When you dim your light, please remember that you are probably leaving some people in the dark.

‚ô¶ You can’t afford to sleep when you are riding your bicycle called life.

Today’s thoughts came in from beautiful thinkers:

Yesterday’s dreams, today’s reality¬†Oba’s reality of dreams of yester-years is delightful. Dreams do come true when you latch on and go through the process. Are you latching on?

Sow Positive Seeds¬†Such a beautiful quote from Dehan: When your soul is filled with positive thoughts it blooms…

Friendship¬†¬†what manner of friend are you? Are you a friend or foe or frenemy? It’s worth knowing…

Continue the journey¬†Don’t tarry in the valley of despair, hold on, hold on…my dear Noififre says it so well.

Today’s Nuggets¬†are for you, take your pick…

Leadership¬†Do you know what you are doing? Are you a leader? What is your vision…a short thought from Modupe.

New Sweet, absolute and unshakeable truth from Rosema.

My thought for the week from life mutated…

If you find your body to be up in arms sit back, relax on your bed and quietly explore your imagination for inspiration.
If you find your mind being uncooperative, I take those ideas and bring them to life.

I hope that you find these little drops useful now and again. Do check them out and please share snippets of your thoughts with us.

Thanks and blessed be.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha