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I knew that I would run out of fuel living as someone else, so, the best shot I’ve got at living is to live as me – Jacqueline

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The best peace that we can give ourselves is to come to terms with who we truly are, embrace it and move forward from there.

Our life is intertwined with sweet and bitter moments, sometimes the bitterness tends to erode the sweetness, but I’ve learnt and still learning that we can enrich our bitter moments and turn it into fodder for sweeter moments.

Don’t stay in that categorised box where others have chosen to keep you. Liberate yourself, cut lose and live fully. You are more than a label.

Lady Cee shares with us snippets of 12 shades of thinking and a free e-book by renowned Dr John Maxwell.



8 thoughts on “Living as You – My Thinking Corner

  1. Thank you for sending me a message re post. I’ve just nearly fell off my chair at your image and message today. Life has a funny way of showing up and making you listen. Have a great day

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  2. I feel as though you spoke out loud exactly what I wrote as my new purpose on my blog on my updated About page! So incredible how women from two different worlds can be connected in spirit. Bless you, Jacqueline! Hope we can connect for something greater in the near future!


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