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The Miracle Lies In Your Eyes…


The gift of life itself is a miracle, and I see this phenomenon every day. Jacqueline

If you’ve not seen a miracle, then take a second long look in your mirror, for you are staring at one. The expectation that miracles must happen in a spectacular manner creates a vacuum in appreciating the miracle of each day that we receive. Each day that the Sun rises and we open our eyes to the splendour of the Earth is an absolute miracle.

Thoughts of miracles remind me of a what my mother always said, that “May Thy Kingdom come is not only when the Lord Almighty steps his feet down from heaven for us to see, for the kingdom lies in the soul,” and she would say this to punctuate a blessing received.

This equally applies to miracles. For the fact that something is quantifiable, explainable and understandable doesn’t make it less a miracle. Each day that dawns without effort from you and I is a miracle. The majestic beauty of the Earth is a miracle. Conception is a miracle. Watching my young ones grow each day is a miracle. Hearing that bird sing and watching it fly is a miracle, watching the flowers bloom and many uncountable examples out there are natures splendour and nature is a miracle.

Let our eyes not become too jaded

Nor our minds too cynical

that we fail to see

and fail to comprehend

that the beauty of life

lies in our perception

and appreciation 

of all the miracles 

that nature has placed in our path.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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The miracle of friendship…


The miracle of friendship happens in great ways even though they may seem small. When we speak to others, we have no idea how much life our words carry and mean. This post is the best that I have read today. It was least expected that I should see my name in a post such as this and not only am I humbled by Darrel’s words, but I am humbled to think that my words can make a difference enough for this lovely person to count me as a worthy friend.
Depression is an ailment that is not too well understood and it is a silent killer. It’s never an easy burden to bear on those who suffer from it.

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I started out wanting to write a blog about depression, as well as this one, concerning how I feel about my friends in the blogging community…  The two seemed to be intertwined in my mind, which was confusing me about what to say, and when.  So I’ll begin with the most important.  It’s not the volume of friends that I have here that matters to me, it’s the miraculous advancements in my writing, I couldn’t possibly achieve without them!  They are the reason I can hang in, while my depression always says that I can’t!  That would be next to impossible in and of itself…  So you see?  A few loyal friends is way heavier than a multitude of fair weather friends who desert you when you’re at a low point in your live; just the time when you need your friends the most!

They have done more than keep…

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The Miracle is in You!…..

If you don't believe in Miracles, perhaps you've forgotten that you are One! The Miracle is in You!
If you don’t believe in Miracles, perhaps you’ve forgotten that you are One!
The Miracle is in You!

In my second quote of the 3 quote series, I would like to share the often forgotten sense of ourselves as miracles.

I love to remind myself of this quote, which unfortunately, I have no idea where I learnt it, but when I started meditating on it with regards to myself, the sense of awareness of the miracle in me, simply grew and keeps growing.

Most of the time, we are seriously enmeshed in the entire drama of trying to eke out a living, the drama that unfolds around us everyday, the stories of our lives and the wishes that things should be different, that we lose sight of the fact that our mere existence, our every moments, are ”miracles in action.

Our miracles start to happen when we channel as much energy into our dreams and being as we channel into our fears and shortcomings.

You are still a work-in-progress. Don't give up on the magic in yourself.
You are still a work-in-progress. Don’t give up on the magic in yourself.

Leannenz, I thank you for inviting me to participate in this quote series. It is a good opportunity to reflect on those things that matter.

I would like to invite 3 awesome bloggers to share their favorite quotes in the series of 3.


The Happy Quitter


Kind regards to  you all.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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The Magic In Me…


Thanks but no thanks! I have absolutely no desire to be transformed into a mystical being.

Just a few days ago, you made me have Saintly aspirations, and I am still floating under the halo of such euphoric dream.

However, I believe in MAGIC!

I believe in the magic of a Supreme God! The Alpha and Omega.

I believe in the miracle of conception and babies!

I believe in the miracle of breathing free air that I contributed nothing to create!

I believe in miracles! They are all around us! They exist in our everyday lives when we choose to see them!

I believe in the magic of an enduring love that stands the test of time!

I believe in the power of hope! It enlarges your heart and expands your coast!

I believe in the magic of happiness, positive thinking and positive affirmations! It beautifies your life!

I believe in the power of faith and good works! It strengthens you!

I believe in kindness and caring! It has boundless rewards!

I believe in positive human values and good manners!

I believe in family: both the ones we are born into and the one we choose for ourselves!

I believe in the magic of gratitude; it increases you!

I believe in the magical strength of human resilience! Its your path to success!

I believe that dreams do come true when you believe in yourself and irrespective of your age!

I believe that life is beautiful even in its chaotic mundaneness.

I believe in the power of prayer!

I believe in myself and the magic in me 😉

NOW! That is magic!

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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You have been transformed into a mystical being who has the ability to do magic. Describe your new abilities in detail. How will you use your new skills?