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The Miracle is in You!…..

If you don't believe in Miracles, perhaps you've forgotten that you are One! The Miracle is in You!
If you don’t believe in Miracles, perhaps you’ve forgotten that you are One!
The Miracle is in You!

In my second quote of the 3 quote series, I would like to share the often forgotten sense of ourselves as miracles.

I love to remind myself of this quote, which unfortunately, I have no idea where I learnt it, but when I started meditating on it with regards to myself, the sense of awareness of the miracle in me, simply grew and keeps growing.

Most of the time, we are seriously enmeshed in the entire drama of trying to eke out a living, the drama that unfolds around us everyday, the stories of our lives and the wishes that things should be different, that we lose sight of the fact that our mere existence, our every moments, are ”miracles in action.

Our miracles start to happen when we channel as much energy into our dreams and being as we channel into our fears and shortcomings.

You are still a work-in-progress. Don't give up on the magic in yourself.
You are still a work-in-progress. Don’t give up on the magic in yourself.

Leannenz, I thank you for inviting me to participate in this quote series. It is a good opportunity to reflect on those things that matter.

I would like to invite 3 awesome bloggers to share their favorite quotes in the series of 3.


The Happy Quitter


Kind regards toΒ  you all.

Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

9 thoughts on “The Miracle is in You!…..

  1. And when you look a little deeper, you can see that the more you have come has just contributed to you being a bigger miracle. Most of us were plopped out onto this earth with lots of overcoming and obstacle hopping to do!

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