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WooHoo! Interesting Milestone…What does 1,337 represent?


So, I received this badge today and I honestly don’t understand what it signifies and why that specific number 1,337?

I have blogged for precisely 392 days and I receive this notification congratulating me on my 1,337 posts.

Does it mean there’s a cheque in Fedex winging it’s way to me in Dubai? I wiggle my eyebrows in anticipation 😉

Let me toddle off to help desk and ask. I like knowing stuff for knowledge sake. Who knows what I might find.

Well, I’ve been writing quite a bit 🙂


So I earned 34 cents and more than a 1,000 posts!


Should I rant? Shouldn’t I?

I had no idea that I had hit 1,000 posts on this blog which I started precisely eleven months ago. Actually, this will be my 1,022 (one thousand and twenty-second post).

For some reason, I kept plugging away without taking note of the numbers. I have been weaning myself from stats bingeing. Stats are important quite alright, but I don’t want it to rule my mind.

WordPress what gives with the lack of notification these days? :/

My thought is that 1,000 posts is a milestone in blog-land and would have loved to know for knowing sake.

Gosh, that alone tells me how much I have written in this space in such a space of time especially given the fact that 99.9% of my posts,  aren’t reblog and are written fresh off the printing mill in my head, except for photos which are also taken by me.

This girl’s got a lot to say. Oh well, let me say a belated YAY to me and NAY to WordPress!

Now, on to the matter that made me laugh out real loud.

I know some may wonder why I talk about money, so just in case you need to know, ‘money is the oil that runs the machinery of most of our basic needs in life and I, Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha, would like to earn some income from the hard work of my fingers.’

In February, I applied to have WordAds included on my site given that my site is a premium site and after their background check or whatever it is they do, it was approved and I promised to speak out on how it goes.

Interesting to know that for that month with 16,000 views, I had 3,449 impressions (whatever that means) and thus earned 34 CENTS. What a hoot!

Now, in all fairness to the man who told that he sucks some time ago, I understand better now why you were fixated with your stats.

I have no plans to get stuck in the bog of stats and peanuts, so there’s got to be better ways and it’s a nut that I must crack.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


We ARE 1,000 and Counting…

1000 follows

I received this badge several days ago and after doing a jig and a wiggle of the waist dancing, I made myself a homemade cup of Caramel Macchiato to drink to my health and yours, then I filed it away to mull over it for a little bit.

I didn’t get here all by myself, but I got here through all of you and it’s to all of you that I raised my mug.

A MILESTONE! Yup! That’s what it is and it’s been a jolly good ride.

When I started blogging 9 months ago, I started without expectations and now I feel like I am pregnant with so many expectations.

Each day, the building blocks of my mind gets firmer and my aspirations more refined that I am able to see many doorways opening up.

When I started blogging I thought I would just write my mind and maybe occasionally, some person will stop by and say hello, but to my amazement and I still stand amazed each day, I see so many faces stopping by to say hello.

I had told myself at the very onset that I am doing this first for me and to never lose focus of that by running after things that are simply peripheral.

However, if truth be told, I also told myself that there will come a time, when a labourer should have some just reward for his/her efforts.

I am actively searching for ways for my labour to earn something and as a way of marking this milestone, I am going to apply for WordPress to add WordAds to my site and I will also explore the affiliate marketing programs to find what would suit me.

I will definitely keep you informed on what my learning lessons are and the benefits as well.

I have always believed that when we share resources, we only get better and when you lift others, you equally rise along with them.

To Our Sustained Growth. Thank you for helping me to grow.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

A refreshing Toast….


I am 100 today. Not in age 😉 but in blog posts. In my place, there is an old saying that “you celebrate the small things, in order to pave way for the bigger ones” and this is precisely what I am doing. I am celebrating my 100 posts, my 192 blogger friends, my 4,247 followers and my 5,220 stats on this blog.

Vividly, I recall the trepidation that I felt on May 6th when I made my first post on this blog.

I felt like an amateur fisherman who was sitting in a boat that gently rocked on a calm lake, with an occasional ripple of the water, croaks and chirps from the surrounding shrub to interrupt his concentration. He hooks a wriggly, skinny worm as bait and simply casts his line into the water, in hopeful hope to catch a fry.

His minutes turn to a slow time of humming, sipping his beer and holding his bated breath; then SNAG, the pull of a first bite tugged at the end of the pole and he nearly topples over into the water out of elation and excitement of his first catch.

Now, that was precisely my reaction when I sent out my initial 2 posts and 3 bloggers Stuart M. Perkins – Story ShuckerE. I. Wong and gpicone liked my feeble attempt at getting my toes wet in the choppy bloggy waters.

To say the least, it gave me such a buzz, that the thrill nearly jolted me out of my seat. Thus, my expedition in blogosphere began. Almost each day, like an adrenaline junkie, I return for more jolts; to write, to read, to listen and to learn. I have met lovely blogging souls on this path and I thank you all for staying with me.

Need I say more about this blogging milestone? If truth be told, the warm reception at WordPress exceeds my expectations.

I am going to go off on a festive tangent as a way of celebrating my little drops by re-blogging old posts of mine as well as posts of others that catch my eyes each day for at least a week.

Let’s keeping writing and sharing.


Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Slaying the giant…

braveEach day that dawned, was met with a fervent prayer, I was hoping for some miracle of healing and grace to occur but it seemed as if I was fighting a losing battle with a faceless giant that equally had a very big name.

I was still breast feeding my infant when I found the little bump. I mentioned it in passing to a friend over lunch and she suggested that I should see a doctor. She tried to reassure me that it was probably nothing to panic over, that I should try and do the needful to get it over and done with. I let it slide for a bit. Partially because I was in denial and maybe, I thought that the more I failed to acknowledge its presence, it would probably go away through wishful thinking after all, I was just 32 years old.

What I had also failed to tell her was that I did not have the funds to run the necessary tests. My pride stood in my way.
The fact of the matter is that the society where I came from was a society where medical intervention came at an enormous cost to its citizenry and money was not readily available. There was no available medical insurance for the commonest man and we depended heavily on local chemists for almost every ailment known to man. It was cheaper.

Yet that nagging fear could not be suppressed and I eventually summoned the courage to talk to a midwife during a routine clinical immunization for my child.
She palpated my breasts and in her exact words, told me that my breasts were turgid, possibly because I was still breastfeeding and the milk ducts were always filling up. She said that she couldn’t really feel anything and I left with a little sense of relief and hope in my heart.

Months went by and the bump became a sizable lump. I could no longer deny to myself that something was wrong. Scurrying around for much needed funds, I raised the prohibitive amount and traveled to the city to run the required mammography, biopsies, blood work and so forth. The results came back packing a punch. I had ductal carcinoma in situ – simply put, I had breast cancer.

I was numb from shock, even though a part of me was braced for any bad news, I still felt as if a wrecking ball had just hit me. I hesitated to share my news with anyone for a while. In the privacy of my closet, I simply railed at God in madness and sadness, oscillating between deep depression and the need to fight and stay alive. The pressure of it all sat heavily on my shoulders and each day was filled with indescribable heart ache.

To fight, I had to share my sad news with family and friends alike. They rallied around me, praying for me, raising money for surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Due to the spread to both breasts, I had a double mastectomy followed by a battery of chemotherapy and radiation. Needless to say, I lost my hair along with my breasts, lost tremendous amount of weight and felt sick most of the time.

All seemed clear for a brief interlude of three years. My life had changed irrevocably and my days were perpetually dotted with Tamoxifen and a whole cocktail of other drugs. I could have lived with that, if that is what it would have taken, but just a few weeks after my thirty-fifth birthday, I started coughing continuously and suffered from shortness of breath.

With my previous experience, I did not waste time to consult a doctor. My lungs were now affected, the cancer had metastasized.
“How long”? I asked the doctor.
As gently as he could, he told me, months, a year, who knows? Just try and put your house in order.

We fought some more but time was running out. The medical approach was now palliative. I often wondered, if early detection would have saved my life? Statistically, it has been proven that the mortality rate can be reduced through early screening and detection.

I thought of my two boys and cried out my heart that I would not live to see them grow. I wept for dreams that would never have the opportunity to materialize. I tried to make peace with myself and my World. I stopped castigating myself for procrastinating when I found the first little bump. I started soaking up as much memories as I could take in (on the days that I felt strong enough), searching for laughter with new intent and purpose and I began to experience a peace of mind that I could not explain.
Documenting all my thoughts, writing little letters to my boys and my husband, I wrote each one to mark the milestones in their lives and then, I planned my own funeral.

I was laid to rest peacefully, transitioning from a familiar World to one that I could only imagine. Fortunately, I am free from cancer, free from its debilitating pain and mind boggling cost. At long last, I get to be a singing soprano in the heavenly choirs.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Nota bene: Many of us have probably lost a family member or a dear friend to cancer. We may even know someone currently battling with this difficult challenge. Let us keep praying that an absolute cure will be found for this scourge that is decimating mankind. Let us uphold those who journey through this affliction, that they receive extraordinary grace to fight and slay this giant.