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Shaking My Head…A Little Blogging Thought

Sometimes, you read some things that make you shake your head in wonder.1455163144750[1]

It makes you realize that even though humans are inherently selfish, some have extra doses of it.

Here I am feeling happy with my stats that seems to be jumping up in bits and I read someone’s blog only to hear them complain about having just 500 views which they consider as ‘piddling views.’

How ungrateful is that? In my opinion, you ought to be grateful for even one view!

It’s a privilege that people come to your site to read your articles and not your right. They are not obliged to do so.

Maybe, you should consider paying for the views, that way, the line would grow so long, hmm?

You ain’t no superstar yet, so just why do you think that 500 views are piddling for you when there are so many other bloggers who are scrounging for 100 views?

What have you been doing for these faithful readers of yours, that should make them glad to be around you?

Possibly, Ziltch, Nada, Nothing, Rien.

Maybe, you don’t even bother to read other peoples blogs, because you are too busy feeling like God’s gift to blogging Earth and caught up in your own World.

We all want millions of views, but it comes at a price and with  lots of sacrifices.

I keep reminding myself each day that ‘yes, I love the stats, but I should never lose focus on the reason why I am writing.’

When you lose focus on why it is that you are mingling with others, you stand the chance of becoming ungracious.

You stand the chance of developing unnecessary anxiety over the numbers and spend all your time comparing notes.

Appreciate where you are at each point in time. Adjust if need be.

Otherwise, not only will you begin to suck, but over time, your blog will suck as well.

Attitude is everything and I honestly can’t stand selfish people.

There it is! I have had my little rant and I hope someone will read this and make some sense out of it, especially the whiner.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


97 thoughts on “Shaking My Head…A Little Blogging Thought

  1. *shaking my head*
    Truly ungrateful, Jacq! 500 views! Mine’s highest was just 313 and it never happened again yet! For a day-to-day basis my average is just 100. But… I am now complaining… because views are just part of blogging. An encouraging part but not the entirety of the experience.

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      1. Thank you for your encouraging words, Jacq. 🙂 I am actually happy with my views. For me that’s enough. That’s the view/traffic/comment that I can handle with my readings and with my full-time job so I am totally fine with it. As I’ve said, views are just part of the experience. 🙂

        Yes, whoever that blogger is shame on him/her.

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    1. Same here. I don’t know whether this is true but I queried with WP the fact that “likes” exceeded views in my stats. It was explained to me that perhaps people were interacting with me via the Reader (i.e. adding likes) without opening my posts. So now I feel the only way I can be sure my post has actually been read is when a comment has been left.

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    1. With an attitude like yours Melinda, you will be happy and thrive and that is really how it should be. I was really surprised to see such comment. Normally, after the daily post prompt I go and try to read other contributors takes to their prompt and that one threw me a bit.

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      1. Ha, ha! I like your analysis of this. A real invitation to hubris. Now that I think on what you just said, it has a big ring of truth in it, because it is truly a certain display of pride or even arrogance in some cases.

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      2. That must have been a shocker, and I can imagine how you felt. I once found a blog with post after post talking about how many likes were on the previous post and how many views he got the previous day. The one that made me really want to quit blogging? It was the desperate plea for likes: “If 20 people like this post in an hour, I will dump my girlfriend.” Then he goes on to call her animal names. I have also read a woman saying that she felt like a loser if she got fewer than one million (1,000,000) views per DAY. Analyse that!

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      3. I honestly think some people’s idea of blog posts suck and enough to put one off reading their posts ever again. Talk about ingratitude. How can people say such things? Feeling like a loser because they got only 1,000,000 views a day. Where do they even get off with such horrible spirit of entitlement and ingratitude?

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      4. I laughed out loud when reading that woman’s interview (on WordPress Discover, of all places) because I knew that I went to her blog and I would think… “Okay… No.” I did, and I did. Bizarre but when you see these types, remember how lucky you are to be you. How amazing your life is. There is no one like you. There’s no mass produced Jacqueline. xo

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  2. I can’t even imagine being upset or putting down 500 views. Heck, I’m excited when I get into double digits. I am thankful and thrilled for each view, and at max I get maybe 30ish views a day. I love that my readers take the time to read what I put out there, and even happier when I get a couple comments!

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  3. I’m not at that level yet so I can’t imagine thinking 500 views is piddling! Good grief! When my blog makes it to that level I will be turning cartwheels! Besides, for me it’s the comments that make me happiest. I want people to stop and say hello, give me feedback and have some interaction. I’d always prefer a few thoughtful comments over a hundred views!

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  4. I don’t understand how 500 views can be classed as piddling! I usually average about a hundred. Like you said Jacqui, it is not a right to get views it is a privilege and they should be grateful instead of moaning about it! 🙂

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    1. Honestly I failed to get it, but then when they said they were getting 2,000 views and more, hmm. I normally try to read other peoples post on The Daily post prompt after posting mine. It’s really a big privilege that someone finds you worth spending their time on. Anyway, I guess we all have different ideas about this blogging thingy.

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  5. Oh well. Since I now realise that it’s possible the writer was trying to get attention…
    If I’m able to touch just one person with my life – writing, speaking…just one person.That’s enough to make a difference to me.
    God didn’t call me to blogging to check Stats. I can’t remember the last time I checked! When I first started I used to check all the time. But now, I don’t even bother.
    Like you said Jacqueline, I’m even grateful that someone wants to even read what I’ve written at all.

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    1. It’s the interactions that I have here that makes me blog not the numbers. Numbers don’t talk or feel inspired by your words. I think we are losing it. It’s like Naija now where all of a sudden so many bloggers have sprouted like mushrooms because of Linda Ikeji, meanwhile they have no purpose for their blogs. After some time, na them go tire sef.

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      1. I look forward to your tips. I too am trying to learn but not learning much. Guess I should have started long back but better late than never right?


  6. Uh this reminds me of some of my ‘friends’ (read relatives) on a certain social media, i Know they don’t Know these 1000 some odd supposed friends of theirs, and that is a talkie msgy media, they aren’t even writing a blog………I don’t care how many if you ignore them, I shake my head (gently) as well……I cant keep up with the few I am trying to, I will have a plan if i am trying to make money to GET those 1000 some odd who-evers, for now: humble it may be but I am in good company 😀

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      1. My friend joined a group I m free member. Not a scam but I can’t chat there til a paying member. Had web host etc offered but I got to keep Free Learner for now😀

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  7. Hi Jackie,

    I am just as shocked as you are. “piddling views.” What?!!!! That whiner is so ungrateful.

    I have learned that one mustn’t take their readers for granted, that they take out time to visit and sometimes leave comments is such a privilege.

    It is one thing to write a great article, it’s another things to engage readers who find it worth their while to even read that great article. Otherwise, it becomes as futile as trying to carry water with a basket. 😀

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    1. Gosh! I wonder how I lost sight of this comment. It was truly a rude shock for me to read someone whining about piddling 500 views. I felt he wasn’t thought gratitude in his life. It’s really one thing to write a great article and another for others to bother with it. Sorry for such a late response sis. I totally lost sight of this.

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  8. lololol Oh my I just LOVE when you go on your rants cuz you are a force to be reckon with!!! You tell the truth, but in a respectable kinda way. You are so right….we should all be grateful for each and every view that we get. 500 is definitely not something to be complaining about cuz like you said….so many are struggling for much less than that. I also kinda wonder if that person has seen this post…but then again, they’re too busy complaining to even notice.

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    1. Sis, I was surprised to see this comment as I checked out some of my previous posts and I wonder how I never got to see it in the first place? :/ I think some parents simply failed to inculcate the teachings of gratitude in their children’s lives as such they became used to the spirit of entitlement :/ I am sorry for the late response and honestly have no idea what happened.


    1. I am so sorry for the late delay in responding to this comment. I honestly can’t understand how I lost sight of it in the first place and was just looking through some posts when I saw it. Thank you, my dear friend. I think some people never had lessons in life and gratitude before and the fellow reminded me of such people. Contentment is the keyword to value what one has.

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  9. Now this is truth! I’ve been there and done that. Not going back! Thank you very much! :/ Can’t say I blame them for wanting a bit of fame, but to be so ungreatful about it? Like, how does that logic work? We all start somewhere right?
    But thank you for sharing dearest 🙂 Let this be a reminder to us all to stick to our original intents 😀

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  10. I’d rather have one view whose life I touched and made a difference than 500 who just stopped by!! And I’m not blogging for views, I’m blogging to make a difference in both my life and the viewer’s. Great rant Jackie…you go girl!!! Sometimes it just feels to good to let it all out, glad you did!!! 🙂

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  11. What a foolish man — assuming it was a man! 🙂 I’m over the moon that I have 80 views from 10 different countries! My little blog and its spirit-filled message has traveled to places I may never see, and for that, I am so grateful. ❤

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  12. I’m with Michelle Malone, who wrote about the international component of the readers who show up at my website. To be connected around the world to people is the charmer for me.

    The person who whines about 500 ‘likes’ is being silly.

    All my best to you, dear Jackie. 🐞

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