WooHoo! Interesting Milestone…What does 1,337 represent?


So, I received this badge today and I honestly don’t understand what it signifies and why that specific number 1,337?

I have blogged for precisely 392 days and I receive this notification congratulating me on my 1,337 posts.

Does it mean there’s a cheque in Fedex winging it’s way to me in Dubai? I wiggle my eyebrows in anticipation πŸ˜‰

Let me toddle off to help desk and ask. I like knowing stuff for knowledge sake. Who knows what I might find.

Well, I’ve been writing quite a bit πŸ™‚


34 thoughts on “WooHoo! Interesting Milestone…What does 1,337 represent?

  1. It happened to me a couple of years ago, twice, a blue one for posts and a red/orange one for followers. I still do not know why this magic number is so important, but in WordPress it is better to accept and not lose any sleep over it. They do these things to make sure we are paying attention I think.

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  2. Don’t worry….I just got notification today that I’ve got 10 likes on my blog. Mind you, I’ve been blogging for a lil over a year now, surely I’ve got more than 10 likes. πŸ˜€

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  3. It means elite! It’s like code-jargon where you use numbers for letters, part of “leet-speak,” and “leet” (short for elite) in letters is 1337. Just a fun WP thing to do. πŸ™‚ Like the A113 Easter Egg in all the Disney/Pixar movies. Congratulations!

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  4. It is an interesting milestone – I wondered what the numbers represented when I hit that 1,337 mark, but haven’t figured it out yet.


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