Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Simple Pleasures. ..

Instead of oooohing and aaaahing, it was more like hmming and more hmming last night when I submitted my back to my daughter for some home therapy and massage.

She kneeded my bunched up expansive back and neck muscles with eucalyptus oil and that sent me to sleep.

Then the deep ooooh’s and aaaah’s was emitted over today’s decadent breakfast of hash browns, pancakes, omelette, bacon and a hot cup of Karak Chai. Life is sweet with food 😉

I shamelessly indulged in every single calorie-laden bite with gratitude to God.

Truly, the best things in life that make us ooooh and aaaah are simple pleasures and a lot of times they are homemade.

© Jacqueline

Thank you to Dan our moderator and weekend host for the interesting prompt ‘Ooooh aaaah,’ for today’s SoCS.

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Am I kind enough?…Kindness challenge

You would think that writing or talking about kindness is a quick sticky note wouldn’t you?RevofKindness

Now as I set to quickly skip through this post of combined prompts – self-kindness, kind energy and be kind – for Niki’s Kindness challenge due to the fact that I didn’t start out when others did, I find myself drawing away from my preconceived idea and trailing down memory lane.

Meandering down old routes raises the question, ‘is it enough that I am considerate of others?’ What is enough kindness? Is there a parameter to know what’s enough?

I don’t think so. I believe that kindness should be an inculcated way of life. Through my childhood, I was predisposed to observe first hand the kindness that my parents endlessly practiced in their lives. They raised many other children other than their own, that it was simply a way of life for them to take on educating, feeding, clothing and helping the less privileged, to an extent that sometimes I wondered how they managed on their income.

Yet, they never lacked, their progress was never stunted, their cooking pot remained large and their door open. I believe that all they did and still do built the right kind of energy, that sometimes I feel guilty that I’m not doing enough.

Taking part in this challenge has actually attuned my mind to be a bit more observant of my actions, what energy I am sending out there in my family and those who come in constant contact with me. The past weeks were hectic with work, school exams, life etc and I noticed that I was a bit stressed and snappy with the children so, I had to soft-pedal in my thoughts and snippiness. I knew that what I needed was a little time to myself to de-stress. I indulged myself in a bit of self-kindness, which is something that I struggle with most times.

I find that it’s easier for me to take care of every other person’s need, to cut some slack for everyone else, while I keep pushing my own needs to the bottom of the ladder. However, last weekend, I indulged in a bit of pampering steam/sauna session to decongest my thoughts and release tense muscles, as well as a pedicure with a foot massage. I almost fell out of the armchair as I dosed off to the goodness of it all and felt so much better which automatically improved my mood.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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She is amazing at describing love and life in her poems. She creates such beautiful images with her words. Truly, she is a talented writer and I’m so excited to have her poetry book and to continue reading through it.

Out of the silent breath


Family · The Great Book Of Lists

Celebration and Acts of Love….The Great Book Of Lists.


La Duchesse Derat gave us two themes for this week’s Great Book Of Lists and as usual, they are topics that bring out the joy in us.

I am a very expressive person and I believe in appreciating those around me whether in little or big ways. What matters is that over time, those little things compound into something that they hold on to as a good memory.

The little Acts of love that I indulge in often are:

I am a hugger: Embracing my children, my husband and those whose are close to me always give me a warm buzz and it costs nothing.

Buying little tokens or giving a gift card: A lot of times I might stumble on a little item that makes me smile and think of someone, from a painted little vase, a book, or a card. I buy it and give to the person.

Occasionally, I indulge in gift cards that don’t cost the World – a 10, 20 or 50 dollar gift card depending on how buoyant my pocket is at that point in time and give them out in appreciation. There are times when I have a little bit extra to spare, I could buy up to 5 gift cards and just keep in my purse and give them out as my spirit moves me.

Cooking: Celebration calls for arrays of food. It always gives me pleasure to watch everyone eat, drink, laugh and generally enjoy the offerings that I made with a lot of love and sweat 🙂 There is this bond and camaraderie that eating together builds.

Calling and texting: I always endeavour to call or text family and my close friends to find out how they are doing. Now BBM, Whatsapp etc have made it cheaper to do so. It gives me an uplift in the spirit after a nice, warm chat.

I listen, I counsel and I pray: I always offer a listening ear and as much as possible, try to offer an objective advice that’s not biassed. If it requires praying, I would partner in prayers and counselling. If issues need to be straightened out, then as much as possible I will tell you my mind as gently as I can. I don’t believe in enabling someone to behave badly and unfortunately, this has once or twice not gone down well with one or two friends who sought my advice and expected me to side them in their bad behaviour…telling my friend that she’s wrong to wish her husband harm and going out of her way to his office to make a scene did not earn me any badges, but it’s not a friendship that I particularly miss. I will only proffer an advice that which I would probably resort to myself.

When it comes to celebrating:

I dance. I love to dance and possibly sing along to the music. Sometimes, when I feel very glad, it’s not uncommon to just play my loud jams and dance. Occasionally, my husband takes me out to go dancing and dining afterwards.

Going out with my family for a good time.

Take my body wholeheartedly to a spa and get a little pampered. There’s nothing like a deep tissue massage to work out the kinks and a relaxing pedicure to make you feel as if loads has been lifted off you. I love to paint bright red colour on my toes at such times. It makes me feel like revving my engine 😉

Indulge in some cheap home treat of reading, eating dark chocolate, running a nice hot tub and just feeling good.

I share my good news. I believe so much in the power of positive aura and when I have positive vibes to share, I do so.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Things That Make Me Go Hmm!…

Today’s theme for Photo 101 is bliss. Well, it falls in rather nicely today. Yesterday it rained ceaselessly that the school sent a mail of no school today, so yours truly started having bliss from last night at the thought that I don’t have to jump up at 4:30 in the morning. Yours truly lounged in bed. Now that is bliss 🙂

My source of bliss are derived from the simple satisfaction that I can find in the daily life around me.

I make a conscious effort to cultivate a heightened sense of contentment and each source depends totally on my frame of mind.

Something as little as seeing a happy dog, gives me a sense of joy.

Below are some things that signify bliss for me.