He Was Father’s Good Friend…a short story for you.

Drinking man

Today’s assignment in Writing 101 – Day 19 Assignment: Feature a Guest is actually a feature that I would like to inculcate in my blog posts going forward.

It would be a way of sharing those articles/words that ministered to me during the week, as well as serving the purpose of neighbourly recognition and encouragement.

They could come in the form of quotes, pictures, stories, experiences, anecdotes, recipes, etc.

The idea is to share my own short story followed by the links to the URL’s of those things that captivated my mind, that made me smile, ponder, cook, dance, rant in my mind, inspired and motivated me during the past few days.

He was fathers’ good friend… a short fiction.

He was fathers’ good friend, but he wasn’t mine! Even though he worked very hard to be my friend, his sweetness repulsed me! He would visit a lot of evenings and occupy space with his large frame, guffawing at every joke even those that I failed to understand.

Many attempts did he make to pinch my butt when no one looked. Attempts made to squeeze my budding chest under the pretext of an uncle-y hug. He fooled them all by his pretense to be a good one!

Armful of candies to cajole and sweeten Carols little mind, followed by his clumsy, harsh breathing hugs. As she grew up she knew what it was. The day she found him out for who and what he was, is not one that she cares to remember. Even though the foggy parts of her brain sometimes brings up these better forgotten memories….of a sleepover that turned into a night of pain.

She faltered and haltingly told mother; how she was hurt and she can remember the redness of mothers face. The string of curses that spewed from mothers mouth and her vengeful promise to deal with him.

He came calling again, his cloak of conviviality all annoying Carol’s 9 year old mind and she hid at a distance, away from his treacherous hugs.

Mother gave him good helpings of the casserole (Carol wondered why he never ate in his house, wasn’t he just the gluttonous one, wanting to covet his neighbours goods) and copious doses of wine.

He drank and he drank. Little dribbles and droplets dotted his pale shirt and stood stark like blood.

He left under the haze of wine and thereafter, and was never seen again.

Now and again Carols mind drifts and she wonders whatever became of him. How did mother get the boogie man to stop visiting?

Father seemed sad for sometime. His friend came visiting no more.


The posts that I would like to share because they spoke to me:

Bring in the Light I found this quite inspiring and thought provoking. It is up to you to choose!

Its the little things I simply fell in love with this post! *Hugs* Kelly

The Orchard – Horror story Thrilled and gave me the chills too 😉

The problem was me.. This is a beautiful story Mary Lou 🙂

What value system are you instilling in your children? Am I doing a good job? One always needs to ask these questions.

Anand’s Parodies & Caricatures He brings out the chuckle in me 🙂

Lynz real cooking Easy breakfast fix that the children love and saved me some time too 🙂

Putting Flesh on the bones Thank you Wallace for tips on how to put that story together.

Am I responsible for the actions of my adult children? This got me thinking.

If you are Be the best that you can be! Short and inspiring

Thanks good people. It’s almost weekend

Yay! Dancing Time 🙂

Image Credit: Businessinsider.com

46 thoughts on “He Was Father’s Good Friend…a short story for you.

  1. Well, that gave me the chills–both from the recognition of discomfort and from the mystery of just what the mother served to the brute that made him “disappear.” Intrigue.

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  2. Anand’s comment gave me a good laugh. Jacky, thank you for this beautifully told story. What I like is the beauty of your words. The way you weave them and give life to the story. I read it from start to finish without a blink. I think you display great skill in verbal delivery. Honestly, I am dying to know what your mother told that fellow. I admire her courage to protect her little girl. I know daddy cares more about money and connections and what comes with that. Thank God mummy was there to care about what’s more than material, earthly things. Let me not end without saying ‘Thank you’ for pinning my post. I feel blessed. Keep shining Jacky. There is no doubt the sky is your springboard.

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  3. Thank goodness that friend didn’t come visiting any longer! That was a haunting little story, for me, and more so for Carol… and sadly, all too real sometimes as well. Thanks again for sharing my story – so glad you liked it! I am looking forward to reading the others you have linked here too! xoxo

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  4. Wow…That was really scary!!
    I don’t understand why they had him over for dinner? And why did he come when he knew that they knew.And why was the father sad? And id the mom poison him???
    As you can see the story has got to me,very sad.Pedophile…It is the worst!!!

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  5. Reminds me of an ol’ great uncle I had growing up…I remember hating whenever he stopped by because he always wanted me to sit in his lap and give him some “sugar” which meant *kiss* and his kiss was always wet and sloppy…yuck. I make sure I never force my daughters to sit in the lap, kiss, hug, touch any grown man they are not comfortable being affectionate with. Doesn’t matter who it is lol

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