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Lend Me Your Ears…

Lend me your listening ears O’ people of mine,

That I may whisper the ancient words,

That I fed your forefathers,

So that you may be a Voice.

You are the land of a great people,

The land of the rising and the setting sun.

A land that overflows,

With the goodness that I have given.

Do not dance naked to the beat of a drum,

That goes thrumming in the dark of the night;

Lest you dance the dance of the dead.

Do not chase the fly senselessly,

Lest you enter the grave with it.

Do not join the madman in the market,

To nod at his music,

Hence, you know not who beats his drum for him.

Do not listen to the ramblings of depraved men,

When you cannot decipher their wisdom or mental health.

Shall you forget the directions your forebears gave you;

In pursuance of the Golden Fleece that only misleads?

Your truths and values, you’ve thrown to the winds.

Scattered like a flock of birds, 

Pursued by the booming sound of wealth.

Caution, I implore, lest you cut the cord;

Thus, you shall reap only seeds of discord.

You grasp with greed, You grapple with misdeeds,

Robbing yourselves blind of all that is right.

Lend me your ears O’ people  of mine.

That you may hear my Voice,

As I whisper to you in the blowing wind. 

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha
Voice, The Daily Post

Image credit: Pixabay

Hocus-Pocus!…and it’s all peaches…

Love your God

Without much ado, if I had one shot as a Super Power to change the law of Nature, I have no need to set my eye’s too far.

I will weave my spell that all mankind will have innate and undeniable abilities to love selflessly, without prejudice.

Wouldn’t that be out-rightly peachy?

If we take our minds off for a moment and think of everything that plagues mankind and where it emanates from, we would find that the deep roots of all problems simply generates from lack or insufficient love.

Insufficient love for God gives birth to disobedience, lack of trust, dishonesty, wickedness and a long list of negativity.

Our inner spirit’s are forever in a state of turmoil due to this disobedience and consequently gives birth to its own fruits; from self fulfilling hatred that is cascaded down to others – because, one cannot give that which they lack – to avarice and greed, envy, corruption, moral decrepitude and an endless list of vices.

Indeed where there is no love, there in lies a multitude of sins.

So, it’s got to be love all the way, if I had my way to some hocus-pocus.

When we love we respect. When we love we are patient and kind. When we love we care. When we love we are understanding. When we love we are generous with our laughter, our light, our riches and ourselves. When we love we are not proud. When we love there is absence of greed and self-seeking. When we love we are free.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

The Daily Post If I ruled the World.

You’ve been given the superpower to change one law of nature. How do you use it?

”There are three things that last; Faith, Hope and Love but the greatest of all these is Love.” 1 Cor – 13:13


Have You Heard The News?..


In response to The Daily Post prompt Connect the dots

Scour the news for an entirely uninteresting story. Consider how it connects to your life. Write about that.

With the amount of distressing news that comes on once you turn on the Television, I limit my time spent on TV to the barest minimum each day and on some days, not at all!

Catching the headline news is done when my day is half gone, that way I keep sane and will not start my day with so much disheartening, depressive news.

I  equally refuse to listen to news before going to bed. It is bad for one’s health!

However, with respect to this prompt,  I turned on the TV and caught the tail end part of  possible strategy for combating ISIS.

The question posed was that with all the human atrocities that they commit, how come they maintain a  position of financial strength by selling oil illegally and purchasing ammunition from undisclosed sources?

What went through my mind as I listened was:

  1. Who are these Clandestine ISIS  customers?
  2. Who are  their shameless ammunition suppliers?
  3. How come the World powers that be,  lack the  intelligence to decipher who these entities are?
  4. Is it that the World powers know and yet they choose to play Possum or Ostrich?

I know that without being told that there are those who will forever capitalize on the sorry state of affairs that exists in the World to fatten their pockets through the loopholes of terrorism, but to what ends?

How much is it really worth trading on people’s lives ?

I think that these are some of the most miserable greedy humans on Earth!  Those who trade on human lives to line their pockets!

All the wealth acquired can never buy a true moment of peace!

We can only occupy a room at a time , drive a car at a time,  eat only so much and at the end of it all, we have a small 6-foot space in Mother Earth where we go from dust to dust and with NOTHING AT ALL! !

Sorry to sound so dour 😔!

That is what the news does to me at times.

Well, let me turn off the TV right now and look forward to brighter thing’s since I can’t solve all the  World’s problems!

A good evening to you all😊

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Image credit: Pinterest