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Hocus-Pocus!…and it’s all peaches…

Love your God

Without much ado, if I had one shot as a Super Power to change the law of Nature, I have no need to set my eye’s too far.

I will weave my spell that all mankind will have innate and undeniable abilities to love selflessly, without prejudice.

Wouldn’t that be out-rightly peachy?

If we take our minds off for a moment and think of everything that plagues mankind and where it emanates from, we would find that the deep roots of all problems simply generates from lack or insufficient love.

Insufficient love for God gives birth to disobedience, lack of trust, dishonesty, wickedness and a long list of negativity.

Our inner spirit’s are forever in a state of turmoil due to this disobedience and consequently gives birth to its own fruits; from self fulfilling hatred that is cascaded down to others – because, one cannot give that which they lack – to avarice and greed, envy, corruption, moral decrepitude and an endless list of vices.

Indeed where there is no love, there in lies a multitude of sins.

So, it’s got to be love all the way, if I had my way to some hocus-pocus.

When we love we respect. When we love we are patient and kind. When we love we care. When we love we are understanding. When we love we are generous with our laughter, our light, our riches and ourselves. When we love we are not proud. When we love there is absence of greed and self-seeking. When we love we are free.

Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

The Daily Post If I ruled the World.

You’ve been given the superpower to change one law of nature. How do you use it?

”There are three things that last; Faith, Hope and Love but the greatest of all these is Love.” 1 Cor – 13:13



30 thoughts on “Hocus-Pocus!…and it’s all peaches…

  1. Bravo. One of the things we often forget is love. Everyone was born to be loved. Everyone was born to love. We are born deserving of love. It is when we are denied love that life becomes unbearable… and so many are denied love. It is a near impossible cross to bear when someone is denied love. And of course, I do not mean romantic love. I mean the love of basic “humanity”… the love of kinship and sharing. Bravo to you for this post.

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  2. “When we love we are free.” I reflected upon this and it made sense to me. Thank you for sharing this clarity. πŸ™‚

    Yes, Love removes many restrictions from our hearts, we stop over-thinking and become more giving of ourselves, generously sharing our emotions, time, and space with others. We become more considerate.

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  3. Beautiful! ❀ The beauty of love is it's free and we all have it to give. I will never understand why people choose to turn their back on love…I have met people that treat love as if it's a disease. We live in a world where even the simplest gestures of love are perceived as a threat. The world has much healing to do. Thank you as always for sharing your love through your beautiful words ❀ xo

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  4. You seem to have a heart full of selfless love for others. To me this explains why you are able to see the place of love in the world. May the grace of this love come to many so they may think and talk like you; for then loving action will follow and we will have a loving world of loving people. Thanks for making the older generation see that the future of the world is guaranteed with great minds like you.

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