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My Beliefs…Thursday Writing Challenge


Beliefs are like seeds sown over time. Some will fall on fertile ground and yield good fruits, some not at all and some will become thorns – Jacqueline

I believe in God.

I believe in the ultimate power of love.

I believe in the power of positive thinking.

I believe in the strength of family and unity.

I believe in the resilience of the human spirit.

I believe in seeds sown for positive growth.

I believe that caring and kindness elevates us.

I believe that all men are born equal and each must be treated fairly.

I believe that we are all chosen for a higher purpose and can all make a difference.

I believe in the healing power of forgiveness.

I believe in God.

Since the beginning of time, societal beliefs have been passed down from generation to generation. Some beliefs are true. Some beliefs are half-truths borne out of the perception of the believer. Some are outright lies that have been perpetuated over time that they become accepted as true for the benefit of the perpetrators.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Believe – WQWWC

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Out of the silent breath

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha’s poems portray images that stare us right in the face. Images of love, joy, death, pain, challenges, violation, and freedom. She writes in a language that’s rich in imagery, earthy, honest, vulnerable, yet full of the promise of hope, of loving and of Grace. A collection of light and dark soulful prose.

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Who Suffers Most?…


How can I not forgive you;
For that which I may be guilty of too?

How can I be so hypocritical;
With fierce darts so critical?

For it is great Grace,
That saves me as a Scapegrace.

Buffeted and Battered by Transgressions,
I bow to my knees, folded within.

Searching to recognize my peace,
As hot tongues of the brethren’s accuser,

Chastises from within the inner realm,
A quiver full of squirmy thoughts.

How can I not….

For to forgive you
Is to forgive myself.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Have you ever had a mill stone tied around your neck? No? You are not sure? Well, unforgiveness is a mill stone!

Bearing grudges does not only feel like the weight of an albatross sitting on your neck, it is giving free rental space in the hardware of ones brain to issues better tossed out.

Forgiveness frees your heart and mind in ways that are beyond measure.

I forgive, not even for the sake of the person who has offended me, but to set myself free.

You forgive for your own sake, because not forgiving is called slow poison.1448465122541[1]

This poison taints your heart, taints your mind, taints your life and it is a hindrance to the fullness of your joy because it will always remain a dark shadow and an acid leaching away at the insides of the unburdened.

It is a given that somethings may happen to us that makes us feel as if we can never get past it to the level of forgiveness, but indeed we can, when we seek the grace, even if we don’t forget the incident because it is difficult to delete certain memories that have become ingrained in our memory banks.

However, our minds are very resilient and will fight for us if we give it the chance to. Sometimes, if I am mad at someone and they are within reach, I simply unburden my grudge and move on. It is not worth nights of lost sleep. Not one bit.

I speak deeply from painful life experiences that I thought would make me cynical, embittered and an unforgiving soul.

But love set me free! I had to actively seek peace, forgive and let go for me to be free indeed. It was so bad at a point that I secretly wished every imaginable ill on Earth on the offender and when I say that it took the serenity and the divine grace of God to expunge my bitterness, I don’t mince my words.

When I accepted those words ”daughter you are loosed” over my life, my joy burst through that no dam could contain it. Now all I feel is pity! Maybe, one day, I shall speak of these things.

It took learning to realize that even though forgiveness does not excuse a behaviour, it prevents that behaviour from destroying one’s heart.

Forgiving was unlocking the door to set a captive free and that captive was me.

Not forgiving meant empowering the enemy some more and remaining a victim.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

The Daily Post prompt I Can’t Stay Mad At You.

Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?

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Let it go and your wings will soar to flight….


The weight of unforgiveness lodged in the heart,
Is an albatross that hinders enjoyment of peace!

Its weight drags you down and keeps you low,
Making every other thing go so slow!

Forgiveness is not an easy feat,
When we revel in the bitterness of it all!

But do remember that holding on to that bitter vile,
Is simply holding on to dead waste and pile!

Holding on to that heavy weight,
Is giving heavy rent-free space in your head,
To business that has no business being there!

Even the weight of not forgiving yourself,
Bears hindrance to your future!

Never equate seeking justice to a crime,
and bearing the blunt weight of unforgiveness.

They are not the same!
Neither are you Lady Justice!

Unforgiveness takes a prisoner!
And that prisoner is you!

Do not equate trust and forgiveness,
For they are both not the same!

Trust lost by an erring party, may be regained if they work for it.
You can choose not to trust, or to trust with a pinch of salt.
It is called being cautious, wary, sensible or careful.

You cannot choose not to forgive,
Because this applies to you!

The act of unforgiveness is like poisonous lead!
In the spirit of your life, whose effects soils your waters!

This is a gift that you must give yourself!
It may not change your past but,
It will define your future!

Set your heart free!
Let that grudge go!

Set your heart free!
Let that hurt and pain go!

Set your heart free!
Let the healing begin!

Set yourself free!
Unlock that door!

I never said its easy!
But take a step, spread your wings and fly!

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Imperfect Parts Of A Perfect Whole…


Dare we take a peek? I shudder;
I shudder, should we dare seek to see;
Beneath our pantomime parades;
What turbulence lies under the facades;
Can the glare of the twisted mess found beneath;

Can the parts all broken, cracked, jumbled, mangled and messed up beyond measure;
Ever fit, not to cause so much displeasure?
Facades that shimmers and glimmers like timeless diamonds;
Yet within their confined cupboards they fight and grapple with their demons;

Painful warts underneath, score my soul like those of a soiled dove;
dirty, filthy, unbecoming, unwholesome tiny cracks everywhere;
The freckles of imperfection marks me brutally;
I am covered in sinful spots and dots;
A sore sight to the sinless eyes;

But who are these sinless eyes? Where are they be to be found? I ask;
Shall we dare to take a peek to see;
There are no sinless between you and I;
All broken bits of imperfections we are;
But yet he says;

Come! I beseech you;
Come to me with all your freckles and all your warts!
Come to me with all your spots and all your dots!
Disgraced, Broken, Discarded, Cracked, Twisted, Warped,Mangled,
Hopeless, Desperate, Ashamed, Naked;

However spotty it might be!
For my perfection makes your imperfection whole!
For I came to set the captives free!

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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A letter to the young man that died…

The crossDear Sir,

I killed you and I am truly so sorry!

A dash into a six lane highway in pursuit of something that no one could tell, cost both of us so much.

They called it an accident, yet my spirit has grieved for long and the incident replays itself over and over in slow motion in my head. The screech and skid of the tires, the spinning and the abyss of blackness…

You died! How I came out of that vehicle with just a few scrapes was by the Mercy of God. I felt that I should have been more hurt than I was. The months that followed were extremely hard and it has taken a lot of Grace to forgive myself.

I always ask myself these rhetorical questions:

  • What was pursuing you or what were you pursuing?
  • What if I had left a tad earlier that day, would that have made a difference or would someone else be saddled with this burden of guilt?
  • Should I blame the Local Government for not installing pedestrian crossings on a highway; where it shouldn’t be?
  • Should I blame your foolhardy self for dashing into a six lane express by 10:30 in the morning?
  • Should I blame fate for putting me in your path and reconcile that it was meant to be?

I don’t drink, neither do I do drugs, so blaming intoxication is even out of the question!

My heart bleeds every moment that I think of this.

Every time that I wonder if you are okay where you are? If you ever had the chance to make peace with your God?

You were in your late 20’s and I wonder what dreams you had for the future; if any at all?

You have forever changed my perspective about life.

I guess I will never know the answers to my questions, but this I know for sure;

I will always offer a prayer for you.


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Your home… a little tip for today.

20150707_130623Your real home lies within you.
Not the bricks and mortar house of glamor that you reside in.

All painted and glossy with every top of the range appliance that money can buy.

That my friend, is just your physical abode.

Your real home lies within you,

Yet the home within you is neglected, in shambles and in quandary,

That even a stray pet would not want to live in there,

Take care of the real home that lies within you;

Fill it with good things,

A large portion of love,

A fresh harvest of thanksgiving

A handful of forgiveness,

Some tablespoons of honesty,

A jug of faith,

A dash of loyalty,

An ounce of friendship,

Three tablespoons of tenderness,

A whole shake of patience,

One big barrel of laughter

And a large dose of prayer.

Blend it all together, and bake it in the oven of your heart with a pan of Hope until it is well done.

Serve your guests daily with generous portions,
And your real home will definitely gleam with splendor.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha