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Please Visit and Support My Awesome Partners

Anytime I see Eugenia’s tagline phrase ‘whimsical & capricious chatter’ I find myself wearing a smile. BrewNSpew is a blog that I’ve followed for almost as long as I started blogging. I’ve enjoyed dear Eugenia’s bright, witty thoughts and poetry, filled with chuckles and nuggets of wisdom. Whenever I visit, her style of writing reminds me that blogging is meant to be enjoyed, not endured.

She also authors another gem of a blog Thus N Such, and I’ve equally had the pleasure of interviewing her here, please do step in, have a cuppa and leave with a smile 🙂


My girlfriend, Tasha, the author of the blog Steps2Protect, is one gorgeous, smart lady and a beautiful soul. An admirable lady who runs her own safety business.

She’s a champion for personal and family safety and I always find her well thought out articles and recommendations valuable. In today’s world, such information is a need to know.

Please visit and get acquainted.

Kaylaa Blackwell, the lady behind Inspired Beacon is another lady that I admire.

Her tech savvy, business sense,  and resourcefulness are enviable. I am still running after her for an interview in order to get to know this fascinating young lady better.

Let me share a link to one of her uplifting posts and her e-commerce site. 

Go feed your eye’s and be inspired.


Beautiful Brenda Baker of Caffeinated Ramblings has been a wonderful support in this space.

Her pretty blog offers delightful visuals and excellent writing that will set your thoughts free while provoking it at the same time.

You can get to know more about Brenda by visiting her about page. I’ve also had the pleasure of interviewing her in my space and would encourage you to visit and get acquainted.




Michelle Malone, a sister, and a friend. The wise woman (I call her that in my mind), runs the blog “Two are better than one.” I always come away from Michelle’s blog enriched from

I always come away from Michelle’s blog enriched from reading posts that have wisdom infused in them.

Her personality and posts always have me singing this song in a part of my mind ‘you’ve got a friend in me’ and interviewing her gave me the pleasure of getting to know this gorgeous lady a bit better.

Thank me later for the connection 😉



When I see Anna’s Gravatar pop up, I just think of a conscientious, gentle and humourous lady and I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing her. 

She not only shares from her well of experience with Type 2 Diabetes she shares nuggets of tips and thoughts that gives you a hands-on approach to common issues.

Anna also authors Websaladbar, where she shares snippets of her life outside Diabetes with us.

Lifting Up Taboos shares raw insiders stories of adoption from the angle of an adoptee as well as engaging fiction.

I find some of the articles gut wrenching,  eye opening and informative. A visit would be worth your time.

A visit would be worth your time.


P.S. I’ve disabled comments on this post because I would like to encourage you to visit and get acquainted with them.

Would you like to partner with me? Shoot me an email let’s talk. Jacquelineobyikocha@gmail.com


Featured Post…Share Your Post Links

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Today’s featured blogs posts are:

Do step in and show some love.

Do you want more eyes on your words?’

Inspired Beacon I love Kayla’s blog and online shop. Each day I visit, it gets better and better. Never stop fighting for what you want. You’ll get lucky.

Two are Better than One Reading Michelle’s refreshing words never fail to fill. I am already famous. 

Caffeinated Ramblings Brenda weaves poetic words that make you think over and over. Her strong imagery grabs and keeps you going. My Ada

Steps to Protect One of the most practical Self Defense and protection a blog that I know. Tasha’s post and recommendations are well thought through and sensible. How to tell if you’ve been drugged. 

Come in, Sit down Anna’s post are on Diabetes and much more are resourceful. Winter blues and how to beat them.

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‘We create a cohesive community when we come together.

Getting to know Anna.

One thing that venturing into blogging has done for me, is the exposure to a plethora of beautiful, interesting and smart folks that I get to interact with such as Anna. I’ve followed Anna for some time now and one thing that strikes me is the conscientious effort, thought through information, and research that goes into her brilliant posts.

I’ve hinted to her that she has a wealth of experience that she can tap into and create a practical self-help handbook for Diabetes patients, from the standpoint of a person living with Diabetes. Well, we’ll just have to wait and see what time brings. Anna also happens to be one of my strategic partners in this place which in small words means a lot of support to me.

Thank you, Anna,for allowing me to poke my nose into your life a little 🙂

  • A brief introduction of yourself

Hi, my name is Anna; I’ve been a WordPress blogger for a year and a half now.  I was born & raised in what is Ukraine now; back in the day, it was USSR.  I have lived in the USA for a few decades. I am divorced and have two wonderful daughters; both graduated from OSU and live in Columbus, Ohio area.  Now I am happily divorced, although it wasn’t this way from the beginning.  But it is now; I’ve come a long way.

I have worked in the nursing field in both the old country and here in the USA.  Now that I am retired and on disability, I am trying to adjust to the changes in the scenery, so to speak, as well as to the studio living.  Things are so different when you don’t work anymore.

I like traveling, seeing sights, trying new food and meeting new people.  I dislike it when people have attitudes but generally get along with most everyone.  I enjoy being independent and take care of everything myself, DIY, crafts, selling on eBay, mastering my photo taking skills, and of course, writing.

  • Tell us about your blog and your purpose for starting it. How would you describe it? Did you have any set goals in mind when you were setting up your blog? What do you think about the blogging phenomenon itself?

I’ve been thinking about starting my blog for a while now.  Before that, I kept a diary but this was like writing in a vacuum.  I craved the audience, the comments, the feedback, the constructive criticism, and the whole nine yards to help me get on the right track.  What finally prompted me to start blogging, was a major life event when I was diagnosed with diabetes.  Initially, I was in shock but when this passed, I decided that the time has come to start blogging and registered with the WordPress.  The rest is the history.  

I have grown to be a big fan of blogging.  It helps to learn new things as well as thinking in a new way and sharing all this with my readers.  Spreading awareness when necessary.  Improving my writing skills which comes with practice.   I believe in the power of blogging, and love to capture life moments through printed words.  I derive satisfaction from knowing that my blogging articles provide help and inspiration.

  •  What has your blogging experience been like? Here, you can share some links of your top posts or blog posts that you particularly like with us.

Most of my posts are about type 2 diabetes, its complications. and related issues.  Prior to publishing a post, I always do a research on the subject.  Besides, I strive to write in a simple language that is easy to understand for those who are not in the healthcare field  and will avoid complicated medical terminology whenever possible.   

For example, last year I have blogged about describing Morning Highs which is a blood sugar spike that can occur in the morning hours to those having diabetes.   My goal was to demonstrate a connection between blood sugar levels and sleeping patterns.  I conducted a self-study that lasted a few days and involved checking blood sugar more often than I usually do as well as waking up in the middle of the night, then go back to sleep and up again in a few hours.  Keeping up with this sleeping pattern was inconvenient, to say the least, but I was determined to continue for the sake of my experiment.  Over a period of several days, I was able to establish a pattern that I graphed on Excel and included in my post.


  • How do you motivate yourself to keep the blog going?

I have set up a folder on my computer, titled Unpublished.  It contains blogging ideas that I come across or happen to think about every once in a while.  This serves as a reminder of what I have to post and is a great motivator. I keep adding to it on nearly a daily basis so it becomes a long-term goal.  Pretty similar to what Obama calls rhymes-with-bucket list.  


In addition, the feedback or comments from my readers are invaluable and present a great source of motivation as well as continuous learning.  Recently, a follower has requested that I write about sleep disorders, and I sure did. Here’s my first post on the subject.  https://comeinsitdown.wordpress.com/2016/09/23/five-stages-of-sleep-and-what-affects-them/   More to follow.  

  • What’s your most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

Realizing that exposing certain details of my life on a large blogging platform that WordPress is, makes me vulnerable.  There is always a possibility of being misunderstood or labeled.  But I am a doer and not a quitter.  

  •  Would you encourage others to blog?

Absolutely.  Blogging has lots of benefits to it.  It is a great way to voice your opinion and learn in the process while building your writing strength.  The more blogs you write, the more confidence you build to eventually be able to discuss them verbally.  

Last but not least, you can eventually start making money from blogging.  What can be better than working from home while doing what you enjoy?  You can blog in your pajamas.  

As Katherine Graham once said, “To love what you do and feel that it matters — how could anything be more fun?”

  • Take us with you on a typical day spent with you. Show us a bit of your World and yes we love photos of your pets if you’ve got any.

In my typical day, I do some driving around, grocery shopping, visit with friends, take photos or just walk in the street.  At home, I read books, listen to music, and watch videos whether from YouTube or my own DVDs.  After having “cut the cord”, no more cable TV.  Chores, cooking etc.  Then if one of my items is sold on eBay, will pack and ship it.   And of course, writing.  Or just sit there and do nothing.

  • What’s the next pit-stop for your blog’s outreach and publishing?  Any plans in the offing? You can also share some of your published works here.

I am still in the process of further polishing and improving my writing skills, especially working on writing introductions.  A good introduction is an integral part of a well-written blog.   

Once I am through with that, will likely consider hosting my blog, to enable it see more of the wide world and further expand the circle of my readers.  

out-of-the-silent-breath 2

Featured Posts # 71…Share your post links.



Today’s featured blogs posts are:

Store your obsessions in the cube: an interesting combination of thoughts, senses and sensuality.

Diabetes management is not a one size fits all and why: It must be a struggle to live with an ailment that needs constant monitoring and a complete overhaul of lifestyle. I find Anna’s posts on Diabetes not only informative but humourous as well.

Blackwall blog: a refreshing blog that belongs to a new blogger connection of mine. Inspiring, candid posts on life, PTSD, anxiety, panic, family, photos and much more.

Please do step in and show some love.

‘Do you want more eyes on your words?’

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We create a cohesive community when we come together.’

Below is my first just published Poetry Book “Out of the silent breath” which is available on Amazon and Smashwords.

When you buy my book, you support me in an invaluable manner.

She is amazing at describing love and life in her poems. She creates such beautiful images with her words. Truly, she is a talented writer and I’m so excited to have her poetry book and to continue reading through it.

Out of the silent breath