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An introduction to my gorgeous friend Brenda Baker of Cybernetic blonde…

Since I met Brenda a couple of months ago, we’ve got on famously to such an extent that she made a decision to pitch a tent in my blogging camp as a strategic partner.

Her articles pull the writer in so much so that you follow the journey of her words and live in their nakedness. I admire her drive and I see her going far.

All the best my dear friend and thank you for accepting to step in and have a chat with us.



With one of her gorgeous daughters.

First of all, I would like to thank Jacqueline for interviewing me. I’m both honored and humbled.

Secondly, I ‘m a teacher who loves learning, writing, music and coffee.

I mostly substitute teach with replacement positions. I substitute teach by choice. It offers me the chance to see as many students as possible.

If I took a full-time position, I’d miss all the other students that I know. I’m lucky to live in the small town of Labrador City, Canada where substitute teaching is a full-time job.

I’ve known many of my students for years. They know how much I love seeing them 🙂

I started blogging last August, after a five-week road trip. I figured it was time.

I actually started my blog with no expectations whatsoever. I set up my account and just started writing about whatever came to mind.

My early posts were personal essays which are a little too formal for my tastes. It wasn’t until I wrote my first poem in October that I discovered my true passion.

When I wrote that first post in August, I had no idea how many amazing people I would meet. I love being part of the blogging community. I also had no idea how much support I’d receive or how interactive the blogosphere is.

It’s become my favorite place to be: my home in cyberspace. Bloggers rock!cute girls in the car

My life outside the blogosphere is nothing out of the ordinary. My daily routine includes work, workout, chores, blogging and Netflix. I tell students that I’m boring but consistent 🙂

Right now, I share mostly poetry through my blog. I’m hoping to branch out this summer with a fitness and music category. I’ll see what else develops. For now, I’m enjoying the journey with no set destination in mind.

Unlike some of my amazing fellow bloggers, I’ve never been published, nor have I published. I do, however, have an early poem about to be published. I’ll be sure to share when I’m notified of the date.

I wasn’t sure what post to include, but I decided on ‘Color Wheel’. A poem celebrating my belief that despite our differences, we all share a common humanity. A humanity that connects each and every one of us.

Inspired by my amazing friend Jacqueline (just sayin’) 🙂 I may start a series of poems for self-publication this summer. All in due time, right?

Below is my first just published Poetry Book “Out of the silent breath” which is available on Amazon and Smashwords.

When you buy my book, you support me in an invaluable manner.

She is amazing at describing love and life in her poems. She creates such beautiful images with her words. Truly, she is a talented writer and I’m so excited to have her poetry book and to continue reading through it.

Out of the silent breath


42 thoughts on “An introduction to my gorgeous friend Brenda Baker of Cybernetic blonde…

  1. I love Brenda!!! She’s so kind, helpful, thoughtful and engaging! I’m so glad that our paths crossed! Thank you for giving us an opportunity to get to know a little bit more about her ❤ Happy Sunday! 🙂

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    1. I am seriously wondering what’s wrong with most of my comments ending up in the spam box in the past couple of weeks. Very tiresome. I have to go in there, dig and approve. I just saw this and want to say thank for your comments.


  2. Yeah I believe we share a common humanity. I was amused when you wrote about telling your students you’re boring but consistent. 😀
    ” It’s become my favorite place to be: my home in cyberspace. Bloggers rock!” I couldn’t agree better. Bloggers rock. Lovely meeting you Brenda.

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