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Meet the one and only beautiful Michelle Malone.

I count it a blessing to meet so many awesome and inspiring people in this space and Michelle stands tall as one of them.

She’s full of motivating drive and inspiration. I never come away from her blog empty. It always impacts me and gives me hope.

We’ve been interacting for several months in this space and I am absolutely glad that we connected.

She’s not only a supportive friend, but she’s equally my strategic partner. Need I say more? When the opportunity presents itself in this lifetime, she’s one of those I would love to meet one-on-one.

The questions I asked her are: To tell us a bit more about herself, her working life, her blog and future outlook for blog and writing.

Thank you for letting us into your World Michelle. We wish you well in your endeavours.


I’m Michelle Malone – a school leader, a blogger, and Christ follower. I have a great husband, two cool kids, and an awesome Golden Retriever.

In my spare time, I love reading and writing. I also enjoy getting away to places off the beaten path to just reflect, relax, and recharge. My outlook on life is a positive one.

After all, anytime I wake up on this side of the dirt, it’s a good day. There are so many things to complain about, but the one thing I can be glad about is being given one more day to get it right.

The name of my blog is Two Are Better Than One. I had the name before I had the blog. It came to me as I was spending time in scripture one morning and writing a piece for my devotional.20160228_103901

The blog is my marketplace for ministering. I’m not a pastor – nor do I aspire to be, but I have plenty to share about the goodness of God if only we choose to trust him.

Blogging is really a big deal! Who knew? I still consider myself to be a novice since I’ve only been doing this since November 2015, but I’ve learned a great deal from people like Jacqueline who is so generous with her space, her feedback, and her lovely parties.

The blogging community as a whole is so warm and inviting. I never want to leave. A few of the posts that I’ve written that have really resonated with readers are Myopia and a 15-part series about faith which begins with a piece I called Train Up A Child. I actually had fun writing this one because it shows how we sometimes get off track, but God gently steers us back on course.20160210_212837

My day starts at 3:00 AM each day. Some days I lie around until 3:30. I head downstairs to make coffee and pray. I spend a little time in God’s word every morning before eating breakfast and heading out the door around 6:00 AM.

I work in a large middle school with nearly 1500 students, so I take advantage of the 30 – 45 of time without kids to respond to e-mails and check my calendar. Once they arrive, the fun begins – hall duty, classroom visits, cafeteria duty, courageous conversations, lunch for me, more courageous conversations, parent calls and meetings, and then I head home between 5:00 and 5:30 PM each day.Partnerships

Most nights I pick up something for dinner, but I cook once or twice a week. There’s just so little time to do it all. Thankfully my husband is understanding, and we appreciate our time together – whether we’re eating pizza and wings on paper plates or a home-cooked meal on the good plates.

I’m so glad you asked this question. Right now I’m just trying to grow my readership. I have three manuscripts in the works. One will be published by the end of the year, and it’s about ministry.

The second is a devotional for teachers. The third will prayerfully be a series about Daddies and Daughters. Wish me well!

Are you interested in guest posting, interview or being my strategic partner? You can contact me through my contact page above.

Below is my first just published Poetry Book “Out of the silent breath” which is available on Amazon and Smashwords.

When you buy my book, you support me in an invaluable manner.

Out of the silent breath


21 thoughts on “Meet the one and only beautiful Michelle Malone.

  1. Jacqueline…I know this is not related, but I could not find an email address for you. I have a favor to ask. Next week, I will be talking to a group of young males at a youth center. Would you mind sending me a couple of your famous African proverbs that I can tell these young men…Something to lift them up and let them know that they are important. If this is no problem, my address is Thanks

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  2. So great to read about you Mitchelle, and wow another #THUMBSUP to the dynamic Jackie of Life 😀 HEADING OVER TO mITCHELLE’S NOW TO CHECK THIS AWESOME AMAZON! (oops I AM TYPING WITHOUT PROPER LIGHT ON 😀 😀 #nepa

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