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strange and estranged…

I always thought that I was strange
till I became totally estranged
not knowing when things would change
or if one would become deranged

this is where I am truly me
yet I feared my space for many moons
caught in the mire of an arid desert that bogs us down
getting through each day of life like a clown

with many faces that smile and scares
with glinty tears, recurring fears and frozen scars
forgotten in the sirens of deaths mounting toll
and staying thankful to every lifesaving call

© Jacqueline

…life is never truly sunshine and butterflies


6 thoughts on “strange and estranged…

  1. Good to see you Jacqueline was thinking of you the other day. Soulful poem beautiful fits the times perfectly and living in an arid desert can be so arduous. Life is not all sunshine and butterflies I wish it were but life is very challenging to say the least. It is all sunshine here only because it is desert and there is no reprieve. Bless you

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      1. I can relate to what you are saying life has become a struggle. I stepped out of the paranoia I could not cope with it. I only cross its path when I leave the house which is not often. Take care and know you are thought of often.


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