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You Can! End of Story.

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Don’t give doubt a welcoming chair

‘cos he’s a sweet talker.

He will overstay his welcome,

and tell you all the things

that you cannot do;

just to convince you

to dig up the seeds

that you planted in faith.





4 thoughts on “You Can! End of Story.

  1. Jackie !!
    I do agree.

    I find that half of the times when i feel down or incapable, it’s because of doubt, because I doubt my skills or my plans or even myself.

    So what i do know is just show that doubt its way out of my mind and soul.
    Self confidence feels amazing!

    Never doubt yourself. The only way to succeed is to experience failure a couple of times, and that’s okay!

    Enjoy your week my dear ❤️
    Love xox


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