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Money on my mind…SoCS

No one likes money woes, sadly there’s hardly enough in circulation for most of us, which means that most of us struggle to make enough money to make our ends meet not to talk of having extra money to save.

Well, I’m speaking for myself. I hate financial strife, and it seems that of late especially, my budget is shoe-string thin and stretched that it literally takes Gods’ grace to get by.SoCS money

I love the freedom that having money buys and hate having to worry about funds for basic needs. Whether we like it or not – money is still a vehicle that helps us achieve a lot of our goals and having unpaid bills and indebtedness hanging around one’s neck like an albatross has a way of dampening one’s life and stifling creativity.

In recent times, I’ve had to get truly more creative with money management. I’ve had to try many tricks in the book on how to stretch a dirham to achieve the goal of three dirhams, on how to earn a bit extra and as a matter of fact, I have an unfinished post in my draft about the lessons not having money has taught me.

Maybe one day soon I’ll finish writing the post – it’s a lesson in progress – and down the line, I’ll share my lessons as well as my personalized tips with you. Though money is not everything, it definitely matters and if you don’t mind my saying so, yes, I love money or at least dreaming about having enough money and the freedom that it would bring.

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9 thoughts on “Money on my mind…SoCS

  1. You know what? I think one of the things that gets in the way is fear of lack! Now I know that sounds weird, but go with me on this for a bit. Our thoughts and emotions are like magnets energetically. What we put out is what we get back. So if we put out fear, or lack, or hate, or anger – that’s what comes back. And of course the opposite is true – love, gratitude, joy, abundance…Now I know it’s easier said than done, but if we can manage to turn that switch to positive, I believe we also open ourselves to allow a flow of creativity and solutions and surprises into our lives…. bless you Jacquie. I hope you have a love filled weekend.

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