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Train That Inner Voice…

When we train our inner critic, we become our inner coach. Jacqueline

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Most times we are our own worst critics, that it takes extra effort to find the good parts of ourselves. We worry that they are not good enough. We think that they need to achieve more to be enough. We think we are way behind our contemporaries. We think that we have failed. We think that we could have done better, we think that we shouldn’t have done certain things – forgetting that the decision that we took at that time was probably the best decision we could have taken at that point in time. The list of what your inner critic has to offer is bottomless and focusing on these negative criticisms simply builds into your psyche.

Taking charge of your inner critic automatically creates better grounds to rise above certain self-limiting thoughts and you enable your mind to suggest pragmatic steps to do better than you’ve done in the past. Always remember that talking yourself down only succeeds in keeping you down. I am not in anyway suggesting that your shoulders should get so high on hubris, but putting yourself down constantly is not humility in any way. For every thought of criticism, find thoughts of affirmation and empowerment that deflates it.

Focus on finding the good in yourself and others each day, because as you focus less on finding all the faults in the world around you, you’ll become more appreciative, more optimistic and your possibilities grow.


9 thoughts on “Train That Inner Voice…

  1. I’m extremely critical and hard on myself. Especially as time passes, illness and sickness increase. I feel like I’m a failure. Things got even worse after I was injured at work last month. I’m coming off a medical leave tomorrow. Back to the job but I’m not fully up to speed. I’m less than human and the systems put in place to assist injured workers well are just not working for me. I will be forced out of the workforce in a few months. I learned my lesson that life does not work out the way we want it to. I’ve had to cancel requests from my brother Stephen training center because I can’t do it anymore. Now I’m the one in need of help. I have a long journey ahead. An endless pathway filled with obstacles. The American medical system is only for the rich and favored who can afford the latest treatments plus helpers. I’ve had to face the truth. The ugly reality of real life.

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  2. Jacqueline, you are spot on. Sometimes when I hear someone be critical of themselves, I’ll ask, “Who told you that?” More often than not, the response is “I did.” I can then open the conversation by assuring them it isn’t so. 🦋

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