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Donating Parts of My Body…Just A Thought

Would you donate your body parts? The thought of death always seems such a morbid topic, but it often comes to my mind especially after losing a loved family member. This is the reality of life; none of us will get out alive so we live with death drawing closer with every tick of the clock.Life, Death, Love, Donating Body Parts

I pray that I will grow well into doddering old age, however, should fate decide otherwise and I cross the bridge whilst parts of me are still useful, would it not be better to give up any part that could help to keep someone else alive?

I know that my culture may not particularly favour such practices, then again, I won’t be needing them again, will I? I reckon that I would be smiling from wherever I am seeing someone else keeping a part of me alive and spreading love.

What’s your take on this? 



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