Live in a Cold Climate? Here’s How To Tackle Winter Like a Pro

There’s a number of reasons why winter isn’t usually a person’s favorite time of year. It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s dark, the social gatherings are few and far between, and then…it’s cold some more. When the chill sets in, you have two options: let it consume you, and become a miserable wreck until spring has returned; or you can shape up, prepare yourself, and get ready to do battle with mother nature. Let’s pick the latter: here’s how it’s done.

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Hit the Shops

You should have some winter clothing already in your wardrobe, but this year, in particular, it might be worth hitting the stores and buying some new items. Why? Because this year is “La Niña”, and that means it’s going to be even colder than usual. It’s essential that you have enough layers on to stay warm, both inside and outside the house. Also, remember that that super warm jacket you bought eight years ago might now have vulnerabilities that let in the chill.

Load up the Medicine Cabinet

There’s no getting around it: this winter, you’re going to fall ill. It happens to everyone at some point! But even when you’re not ill, you’ll still be up against all the niggling coughs and sore throats that are just an unwanted side effect of being in the cold for too long. As such, it’s important that prepare your medicine cabinet for any nasty bacteria that might come your way. Check out Med Consumers best cough drops, and you’ll be tackling those pesky coughs head on. You’ll also want to load up on warm lemon and honey drinks, which will be a lifesaver on those cold mornings when you just don’t want to face the day.

Home Comforts

Your home is always your refuge from the world, but it takes on an even greater importance during winter. As such, you should be taking steps now to turn your home into a comfortable retreat from the nastiness of the outdoors. Buy a few new blanket throws, make sure your heating is in working order, and add the candles and other comforts that’ll allow you to have many a cozy evening over the next few months.

Up the Exercise

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you get a pass on exercise. If anything, it’s even more important that you work out during the winter than it is in the summer! Having a thorough regime will keep you warm, healthy, and help keep that seasonal depression at bay. It won’t always seem like fun getting out of the house to exercise, but it’ll be worth it – we promise!

To the Sunshine

Remember, you always have a saving grace during the winter: flying to somewhere with warm sunshine! No matter where you live, you’ll have blazing heat just a few hours via plane away from you. Even if you only go for a few days, it’ll break up winter and make it much more manageable. Plus, you might just come back with a glowing tan, too….


12 thoughts on “Live in a Cold Climate? Here’s How To Tackle Winter Like a Pro

  1. I am so grateful that I live in a warm land…. the coldest it gets is around 18 degrees C which is a warm sunny day in some parts of the world. But I plan on visiting the States in February so thanks for warning me that this is going to be a colder winter than usual


  2. I kinda have mixed feelings about winter as I age. When I was younger I was happy winter came because it is football season and I loved playing football. Once your moving the you won’t feel the code. Now that I’m a working stiff don’t like winter so much. When I was in the Middle East it was still 90 degrees during the winter months. I wouldn’t have mind being there in such lovely weather year round but war tarnishes everything…..


  3. I live in a moderate climate, but winter sure feels colder as I get older. Home is our refuge. I keep plenty of immune support there – echinacea, zinc, Vitamin C. Need to get more sleep though. Wishing you cozy nights and good health!


  4. I enjoy winter, however, I have to bundle up well when I venture outside. I live in a moderate area where the winters are not too harsh. Extreme hot or cold weather is not my cup of tea. Hmm, speaking of tea…


  5. Living in a very cold northern state, I will add; get out and enjoy it! It’s all perspective. When it is below zero for a few days, then it warms up to 20 or 25 above zero with the sun reflecting off the snow and icicles it feels like a gift from mother nature.


  6. I grew up in the Sunshine and now that I’m spending my mid-twilight years in the cold. I agree with all your points, as soon as I landed in Scotland I must have hit every charity store looking for Winter coats. In terms of meds, I found that home remedies worked best for me, though keeping up with your vitamins and as you mentioned exercise helped as well. 🙂


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