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Just A Question….

What do you think?

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Is it better not knowing the ugly truth and pretending it doesn’t exist?

Or, is it better to confront the naked truth, knowing that its knowledge may be an albatross that you carry around forever?


26 thoughts on “Just A Question….

  1. Not when it involves the abuse of children, the disabled, animals or elderly it’s better to know.
    Also when dating or getting involved romantically.
    Be aware of the red flags. Way too many people ignore red flags and wind up broken or sent to an early grave.


  2. I’d say it’s far better to know the truths that confront you so you can face them and either learn to live with them (like the albatross) or change them so their affect on your life is lessened.
    xxx Massive Hugs Jacqueline xxx

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  3. Ya know…everyone always says it is better to know the truth. Sometimes it is heart crushing. Sometimes it is life changing, and not for the better. Some things should never be shared.


  4. It’s better when you’re able to confront the naked truth. No matter how bad it is, Silence is not the solution. Ignoring the truth is another form of denial. It’s the worst thing you can do to yourself if trying to make amends & heal from your past.


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