Candle Lit – Word Wednesday

I can barely find the words to express how touched and happy I felt when my ten-year-oldΒ son offered to take care of me and make me something to eat last night as an effort to ease my stress.

Several packs of tagliatelle, cheese, carrots, tomatoes, ketchup, fish-fingers, all my spices and a messy kitchen, the young man whipped up a candle-lit dinner.

The food tasted better than any that I’d had in ages. It could have done with a little more simmering to soften the tagliatelle, but it was just perfect.

There was oodles of love, a dash of care and sprinkles of appreciation washed down with a cold glass of orange juice πŸ™‚

Candle Lit Dinner, Made With Love, Food, Children, Cooking, Parenting, Family

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37 thoughts on “Candle Lit – Word Wednesday

  1. Wow! What a treasure and a gift that is priceless! The meal looks delicious and such a serene setting. I bet the stress disappeared in an instant to be replaced by pure joy. My son once did something similar when I’d been so stressed I had to go out for a walk…to return to a supper on the table and the matches next to the candles as he knew he wasn’t allowed to light them on his own. Bless them. Xx

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  2. Oh your ten year old baby, is tooooo precious… doesnt he just have a fabulous heart filled love and goodness, wise enough to know how to help mummy feel better… whats a beautiful moment to treasure forever…. big smile

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I love it when you decorate my heart with your words..

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