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Vivid, Vibrant and Alive

Today, I offer you a splash of beautiful yellow blossoms captured during my morning walk.

Yellow, Blossoms, Flower, Nature

Yellow, Blossoms, Flower, Nature

There’s simply something sweet about yellow that screams vibrant and alive to me always. I guess it’s the brightness of the colour.

Also knowing the certain positive associations to the yellow colour makes it even more attractive.

Yellow speaks of happiness, hope, sunshine, warmth, cheerfulness, draws attention, positivity, clarity, energy, enlightenment, optimism, freshness, loyalty, joy, intellect and so much more.

May you find lots of happiness in your day today.

This one of the lovely beats I enjoy listening to. Easy Like Sunday Morning by Lionel Ritchie.


A View From The Window

I am still trying to figure out what the quality of this photo is that just makes me absolutely love it.

I looked out of the window one evening and there they were; two ladies standing so close together, no other person or vehicles are in sight which is a rarity in this place. I quickly rushed to get my camera for some reason that I still struggle to identify. For one it speaks  ‘support’ to me.

What do you see when you look at this photo?

Atop – The Daily Post

Together, Ladies, Support

Bloom on the rocks – Mundane Monday

Mundane Monday Challenge is created to find beauty in almost everything.

The challenge is simple. Find beauty in everyday mundane things, capture the beauty and upload the photographs.


In my usual meandering, I came across this blooming plant sitting on top of the rocks and a thought crossed my mind.

We should see the rocks in our path as our stepping stones. That way, you can bloom where you are planted because love can grow even among the hard rocks.

A nondescript plant became a little lesson in nature and life.

Unfortunately, it was a bit steep to go up and since I’m not much of a rock climber, I admired it from below.



Building a Nest…

‘Petit à petit, l’oiseau fait son nid.’ Bit by bit the bird makes its’ nest. 

I thought that I would only watch such stuff on National Geographic.

It was my utmost pleasure to spy as intrusively as possible on the little birdie constructing its’ nest.

It’s amazing how dexterous these little ones are.

Now, I regret not making a video.

Against all odds – The Daily Post

bird-in-a-nest, resilience

Silver Shadows

Shadows are silver linings. You should have no fear of them because when you have a shadow, it means that you are standing in the light.