Fringes of Darkness…

In The Dark, Depression, Loneliness, Pain, Sad, Life, Harsh Reality

Depression is a silent enemy. It steals in to steal from you.

i’ve walked the fringes of darkness

where i felt the hard blunt bleakness of pain

and the stark reality of depression,

where i’ve queried the essence of life

in the time of such deep despair.

i’ve been beaten, molested and left to die,

i’ve stared death in the face many a times,

but only one whisper

kept me hanging on to the thread;

hope, that one day

this too shall pass,

and in the midst of hope

let my life be a lamp.



There’s nothing to romanticize about depression! It’s not a good place to be. Take it from me.

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5 thoughts on “Fringes of Darkness…

  1. Been there. Done that. Including hospital stays. No there is no cure but you can keep the Dark Night of the Soul at bay by adding certain strategies to your life like eating healthy foods and getting outside as much as possible, weather allowing of course. Spending time in Nature is a great way to keep positive. Also I try to keep away from triggers. It is difficult but I do my best to not look at photos of injured or dead animals and no reading books where there is domestic violence which will just cause me to relive the hell I went through. I’ve been able to find YouTube channels where you can fall asleep to the entire reading of the Book of Psalms. Very calming.

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  2. One more thought if you’ve been in an abusive relationship, domestic violence, rape, etc…. Avoid and stay away from Triggers as much as possible. No books or movies where women, children or animals are hurt in anyway. I advocate Bloggers to put the word Trigger at the top of blog posts that continue photos of dead or injured animals. Better yet don’t take pictures of those horrors. Same thing for any writing that could set somebody off.

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