Wordless Wednesday

Scoot in The Dark – Wordless Wednesday

What’s the story behind the abandoned scooter? Let your imagination roam.

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Fringes of Darkness…

In The Dark, Depression, Loneliness, Pain, Sad, Life, Harsh Reality

Depression is a silent enemy. It steals in to steal from you.

i’ve walked the fringes of darkness

where i felt the hard blunt bleakness of pain

and the stark reality of depression,

where i’ve queried the essence of life

in the time of such deep despair.

i’ve been beaten, molested and left to die,

i’ve stared death in the face many a times,

but only one whisper

kept me hanging on to the thread;

hope, that one day

this too shall pass,

and in the midst of hope

let my life be a lamp.



There’s nothing to romanticize about depression! It’s not a good place to be. Take it from me.

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Blogging to Nature #3…

Except your blog is a hot house plant,

That needs to be kept indoors

Pampered and molly-coddled

Then you can remain hidden in the dark

However, if you want to be a hardy planted blog

You need to get out into the sunny side

Of meeting others

So that you don’t

Suffer stunted growth.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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