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My Thinking Corner…

Negativity only breeds more of its kind

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Have you noticed that once your train of thought goes off on a negative tangent, it simply sets the ball of negative emotions, reactions and mindset rolling fast downhill and at the end of the day, all these feedback is internalized, that it takes extra effort to rid ourselves of what that has become embedded in our psyche.

Learn to identify and isolate these thoughts. It may require digging deeper into your mind and possibly journalling. You might discover that over the years you’ve got a build up in your negative bank which needs to be addressed.

Unlearning this is like learning anything new. Start paying attention to your language and internal chatter and eliminate those negative absolutes from your thinking pattern. When your mind trails off, bring it back on track with positive affirmations.

Remember that we can’t give what we don’t have and what we let into our mind every day has a big effect on us. So, it’s time to start questioning what you allow in.


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15 thoughts on “My Thinking Corner…

  1. This is true. Nobody likes negative people who whine and complain or gossip. That’s the person you run away from or leave your table while in the cafeteria/break room!

    Whenever I get upset all my emotions go to my stomach. I do my best not to get upset or allow people to get to me. Sometimes that means I stop speaking or interacting with certain people and I’ve even had to delete some of my blog posts because certain people either try to argue with me, leave negative evil comments or try to guilt or shame me into coming over to their viewpoint. In the last couple of weeks I’ve had to Block two more people from my Blog. One post I finally deleted because I’m too old to be getting into baseless dumb stupid arguments. My goal is to live a quiet and peaceable life as much as possible.

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