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31 Blog Post Ideas and Bite-sized Tips

Ideas on what to write surround us, yet there are times that we find ourselves floundering over what direction to follow with these ideas. While choosing topics to brainstorm and cast your masterful thoughts on, bear a couple of things in mind:

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Bite-Sized Tips

  • Do these ideas and projects fit in with the building blocks of your blog?
  • What is your authentic approach? Could it have a mark of individuality?
  • Consider what works best for you and your audience.
  • Now set some goals for the month.
  • Not in your mind, Put it down on paper.
  • Ready. Set. Get going.

31 Blog Post Ideas You Could Tussle With


  1. Review books, product, movies…
  2. Interview someone – make it interesting and dig beyond the surface
  3. Write 5 to 10 things about you that make you who you are
  4. Share some cool info-graphics or cartoons
  5. Critic some news. There’s always something happening
  6. Share a travel or work experience post
  7. Write a motivational/inspiring post
  8. Take part in a challenge
  9. Write a story post
  10. Photo of the week
  11. Pick of the week posts with links to the relevant post
  12. Are you up to running a contest?
  13. Make a post full of GIFs – humour and entertainment
  14. Quote of the week
  15. Share your goals publicly
  16. Create a link Carnival and ask others to join in the link-a-thon
  17. Build your to-do list
  18. Tell a joke – humour works
  19. Write a post on things you did or didn’t do that you regretted
  20. Dig up some little-known facts

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