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Why Are Humans So Careless?

I walk by these waters often enough to catch occasional sights that cause me to pause in my steps and wonder at the human attitude.

The surface of the water has a film of dark oil residue that glistens and I presume it comes from boats and I am certain that it’s not the best for marine life – then again, what do I know.

The second photo is a can of empty 7-up perched by the water. The slightest blow of breeze will certainly cause the can to tip over and into the water.

The third photo which was taken on a different day is about those who I describe in my mind as the ‘unseen one’s.’ These men go about in their boats taking out the trash that people carelessly toss into the water. I’ve seen the horrifying amount of rubbish that they pull out of the water and can’t help but wonder what the situation would be like if these unseen ones’ were not there in the background clearing filth?

The sad part is that there are visible trash collectors every few meters along the track, yet humans are far too inconsiderate to dispose of their trash in the right manner.

The interesting thing is, if you ask the next man if he cares about the environment and marine life, he would say ‘of course, I do,’ but he can’t be bothered to walk a few meters to dispose of his garbage appropriately.

It bothers me. What about you?

I am not a tree hugger, but an ordinary person who loves nature. Forget the first part of this sentence. Yes, I’m a tree hugger.




37 thoughts on “Why Are Humans So Careless?

  1. So true Jacqueline. When people keep their homes so clean, why can’t they keep their surroundings clean too? Their casual attitude regarding the basic cleanliness of environment is frustrating. I have seen people driving big fancy cars and throwing wrappers out of their windows!

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  2. We have become so selfish and self absorbed. My boyfriend’s number one peeve is littering. He hates it. It has helped me be more conscious of doing a better job at disposing of waste that I use.

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      1. mine wont, it annoys sis. but in public and for a good many years I’ve had to be more conscious of how i appear. generousity is a well meaning goodness but often out of balance is abused which obviously doesn’t bring me joy along with civic pride and personal pride – it took me a long time of watching every day to work my stop waiting for my bus to work my blessing even if blessing wasn’t quite the dictionary meaning of my heart 😉 well, I finally quit so often cleaning the stops. why? there is a sword to this, it will get me filty/er so therefor I’m just one eyesore traded for and contrasted by a green and clean dream of a few moments til I’m off to another destiny. 😉 that was the reality i was underscored, it didn’t matter if I found foodservice disposable gloves or other ways the look never conveyed pride .

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  3. Life can be difficult. But we have got to remain positive, its the only way things will progress. Would love to hear our thoughts on eaten an Eskimo, your feedback is still wanted, who knows the thing may get published

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  4. We have to get in the mindset it’s just not about me, but also about others. This weekend I visited an aquarium and observed a beautiful exhibition of jelly fish; a separate tank hosted swirling bags of plastic–that looked like jelly fish from a distant. It really clarified how confusing this could be for our fish. I’m not a defined tree hugger either, but I don’t mind hugging them either. 😉


  5. It’s laziness, mindlessness and carelessness!

    It always irks me when I see road users fling rubbish out of their car windows onto the streets. I don’t get it! The same people still wonder why the streets of Lagos are dirty. Ah! The irony.


  6. I picture my husband screaming against anyone throwing any trash through the car window no matter how little it seems. A good reminder that I need to protect my environment more.


  7. Jackie,
    I am so glad you have written this post. It is very well needed and a lot of us need to truly appreciate our environment for what it is and what it can be, if only we would choose to care for it.


  8. I get mad at people that drop liter and rubbish in general. Where I live, people seem to have no pride in their own neighbourhood. There are discarded toys and wrappers all over the place. We all have rubbish bins so there is no excuse.

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  9. I agree with you! Why people are so careless I don’t know. I remember when we visited Paris I was so amazed. Here we were in such a fancy city, with so many cool statues, etc. but the streets were so littered. One of the most frequent tourist areas but yet littered with garbage. Was sad!

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    1. Having lived in Paris back in the days, I would dare to think it’s the visitors because the cleaning crew do their best to keep the city clean – the Summer months were totally annoying. It’s simply a deplorable behaviour!


  10. Jacqueline thanks for spreading awareness regarding this issue. I’m not a environmental scientists but I grew a passion for learning more about our only planet. We can only hope that one day every one will wake up! I love this thank you Jacqueline! ❤

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