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Do step in and show some love.

Borders have been breached  Protect your peace and cut out the drama.

Surviving my past I AM NOT WEAK, JUST HUMAN. Please watch this short video from the Good Men Project.

Unlikely probiotics Well you don’t say. This is absolutely interesting and squirmy stuff. Sometimes to treat ailments we really do the dirty stuff. Take a read.

Pomegranate fever With my tongue in my cheek, I must ask you this question. ARE You underperforming? If per chance you hesitate, maybe this post is for you. Enjoy 😉

7 effective tips on how to stay healthy when your family member is sick As a parent, I know how tasking it can get nursing a sick child/children. Sometimes, they all come down with the flu which makes it’s round from one person to the next that holding it together without breaking down becomes a major feat. Useful, practical tips to help you keep on top of things.

My Latest Vlog – Your mind is the center of your power and all that you aspire to become. How do you power it?

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