Just a thought

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Recently, someone told me that they can’t stand unnecessarily good people because they don’t believe that people are that good.

As a matter of fact, they get suspicious when people are good to them.

What a sad way to think :/

I still believe that there are loads of beautiful and good people in today’s World and you are one of them 🙂

Show some meaningless kindness to someone today.

Blessed be.


47 thoughts on “Just a thought

  1. “Unnecessarily good”??? I personally think the world can use all the good it can get and that one can never have too much goodness! I wonder what experiences led that person to be so mistrusting? Curious. Ah well … I am not very good, but I try and shall continue trying … Hugs, Jacqueline!

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    • I can understand why they would feel that way. For a long time I was very cynical and jaded. Mostly because I had endured years of abuse physical, mental and emotional.
      I still have provided trusting people. Even though I know not all people are evil once you have been abused your brain is programed to doubt. It is a way of protecting yourself so that you won’t get hurt.
      I think I have improved somewhat but I will always have that seed of doubt and keep people at arms length.

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  2. Some times a person gets weary of being good… But hey keep being good. And there are lots of people who are genuinely kind. I guess it is past hurt/experience that breeds suspicion. But I think it is quite exhausting been suspicious of good things that come ones way. Merry Christmas and a blessed new year sis.

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    • So having read the other comments – life can get so bad that we find good suspicious – is a very scary place to be. What are we doing wrong to each other that good is bad and cant be trusted a very scary world. At the same time – i know of person who’s natural state is negative , greed, being pushy and they dont want to change or see an issue… .I feel a rock and hard place as there are those who just love being negative that is their comfort zone.

      one can only stay quiet and listen – there is no other response because they are in the place they are – and one can only wish them well and and time – time will heal…

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  3. People expect you to be fake and make believe you’re happy when you’re not. Reality is cruel and the past a prison that you can’t break free. Every time you take a step towards freedom with phony positive affirmations the past pulls you back and reminds you who you really are.
    Rest in peace to my co-worker David who was found dead in his apartment Christmas day. His family never bothered to check on him. Real Life is cruel.

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    • Oh My God! I wonder what led David to this sad closure? I totally understand what you mean Deborah and it’s such a pity that such false expectations are placed on anyone. Our past carries such a huge weight on our future which is why I choose to surround myself with those who can stand the truth of my pain and don’t expect me to be pretentious about my true feelings.
      May your dear colleague rest in peace.


    • I do think it’s a sad way of thinking. I don’t believe people are born good or bad but we both have light and dark in us. I will say that I do think people think the worst of me so this post got me thinking about whether I should start thinking people don’t automatically dislike me. That is a massive assumption to make and quite a pessimistic way of thinking. Insightful as always 😄😄

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  4. My brother told me once I was “honest to a fault”. Even my mom once told me I was “too” honest. Yep there are cynical people in my family. Sometimes it makes me uncomfortable to know they think that about me, it almost seems as if I am wrong. Thankfully, it’s who I am and they haven’t beaten me down yet! Thanks for this post and for allowing me to comment.

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  5. If we don’t believe in good then what have we? Today I saw a gentleman jump out of his truck to help three women who were trying to change a flat tire–goodness still exists. I know many have dark days because of what they’ve seen, sometimes we have to be patient and help them believe that good people do exists. 😊


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