We all can do something about this!

The poisoning of minds takes effort and is propagated by people. I believe that part of fighting radicalism rests on all of us as a people.

We can help arrest these issues through constructive community and individual actions.

For instance, Social media platforms such as YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter etc can do more to stop the propagation of hateful, inciting religious messages targeted at recruiting people for hate and terrorist crimes.

This should be an act in the greater interest of humanity as part of their Community Social Responsibility.

Please do your part and share such message. Tweet it, FaceBook it…just share.  It’s up to us to act.

Together we are stronger.

#acttogetherforhumanity, #communityresponsibility, #stopradicalism, #togetherwearestronger, #Nice, #wecandothis

May Grace be upon Nice and its citizens.

Thank you.

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha




20 thoughts on “We all can do something about this!

  1. These events and the previous events in Paris are so terrible. If I were French I would seriously feel under attack. You are right about the social media a lot of this hate is peddled online and the companies that own these sites need to do more about it.

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  2. On an emotional level I agree completely but as a practical matter I must ask, who decides? I grew up in an era when there was government censorship in place here in the US of A. The test in literature was does the material contain “redeeming social importance” and those of “a certain age” will remember that stand-up comedian Lenny Bruce spent a considerable amount of time in jail because he refused to refrain from using forbidden words on stage. The early adopters of “shit happens” bumper stickers were ticketed, in fact that mere mention here would have been censored. Public obscenity was not allowed by law, the Hayes code in movies dictated that no criminal could be depicted getting away with a crime, nudity, no way, and no couple could be shown on a bed together unless one of them had a foot firmly planted on the floor. That’s why all the old movies show married couples in twin beds. A couple traveling into a neighboring state and then sharing a hotel room could be (and were) arrested for violation of the Mann Act. (transporting females across state lines for immoral purposes). The pre civil rights era can yield many more examples of laws censoring and controlling behavior and media content, not all of them necessarily bad, but the question remains, who decides?

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    1. You site some interesting examples here. With great freedom comes greater responsibility. Something that often seems to have gone uunmentioned as we changed. Even so, our greatest strength is our ability to change -our attitudes as well as our laws. Mostly it works for the better. It’s a journey. I pray mistakes don’t stop mankind in it’s path.


  3. I am sometimes amused, often concerned, too many times offended by what I see on social media, especially FB. Anything that assaults a person’s religion, race, orientation is hate and should be controlled by FB and by us as readers. We also need to remember that anyone can post just about anything they wish and present it as gospel truth when in fact it is a pack of lies. Just look at all the “altered” photos or stories which have no factual foundation. We need to be savvy consumers.


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