We all can do something about this!

You can do something about it!

a cooking pot and twisted tales

The poisoning of minds takes effort and is propagated by people. I believe that part of fighting radicalism rests on all of us as a people.

We can help arrest these issues through constructive community and individual actions.

For instance, Social media platforms such as YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter etc can do more to stop the propagation of hateful, inciting religious messages targeted at recruiting people for hate and terrorist crimes.

This should be an act in the greater interest of humanity as part of their Community Social Responsibility.

Please do your part and share such message. Tweet it, FaceBook it…just share.  It’s up to us to act.

Together we are stronger.

#acttogetherforhumanity, #communityresponsibility, #stopradicalism, #togetherwearestronger, #Nice, #wecandothis

May Grace be upon Nice and its citizens.

Thank you.

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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14 thoughts on “We all can do something about this!

  1. Another incident that has hurt this world and the beautiful souls that inhabit it! Me heart weeps… It suffers… I’m speechless. The anger and rage have made way for fear and frustration. Where are we headed??

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  2. Here in the state in which I live these things almost never happen, most probably because we don’t hurt our neighbor because third party provoked us to hurt him. We are not special we have all the vices in the world but this is one thing that does not happens in Bengal, hurting others in the name of religion, race, caste, it really hurts to see it happening in other places!

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  3. Ideally this is true. Sadly social media is being used to promote hate. Last week once again I experienced this first hand. I posted newspaper articles on the two Black men who were murdered by the cops. Well this white woman who I thought was a friend filled my Facebook page with racist comments. I had gone out to see my brother Stephen so I had no idea what was going on. Anyway when I returned home I saw what she wrote and that my young Chinese co-workers had given her a verbal beat down. The woman was shocked that anyone would challenge her so she unfriended me. Happy she’s gone. Just goes to show you the old stereotypes and biases still persist.

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  4. One step, one act of kindness at a time – if we all unite to do this, it will gather momentum. It has to.


  5. I will never understand why there are those that have no problem in taking the lives of others, and for not reason. I feel the same way as Soul Gifts, one step and one act of kindness at a time. We can’t give up.


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