Short Stories

Don’t wake me up…Friday fiction in five sentences.


As the feverish rigors shook her body, she mumbled to him; “If the baby dies, don’t wake me up!”

She was sedated to calm her down and stabilize her blood pressure.

Too many pregnancies she had lost and had much hope that this one would survive, yet it looked like a futile dream.

It was a battle against fate and time as the doctors raced to try and save the neo-natal.

He sat by her bedside, torn apart inside as tears silently dripped down his cheeks and he prayed like he had never prayed before.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Footnote: I had a double mind about writing this short story, but this is a piece of my story. A piece of my journey and I daresay many other women have walked down this torturous path and to those who are in the Lord’s waiting room for fruits of the womb, I say “Hold on.”

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Jacqueline writes from her heart on passion, pain, suffering, loss and LIFE. I have been incredibly moved by her poetry and I know I will return to “Out of the Silent Breath” again and again.

Out of the silent breath

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16 thoughts on “Don’t wake me up…Friday fiction in five sentences.

  1. A sad tale. You want both the Mother and the child to survive. I don’t know where this story is set or if her religion or life situation affords her birth control, but I’d hope in many places when you’ve had many kids, a woman is able to most likely stop herself from getting pregnant again. It’s a good thing in the modern era for some people. Maybe, that could have afforded her a longer life. But like I said, this could be somewhere, she doesn’t have thos options. Emotional and heartbreaking piece.


I love it when you decorate my heart with your words..

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