My full plate…

Crowded, Nest, Egg, Full, Overflowing, Overcrowded

For several weeks, I’ve felt listless and dissatisfied and recent incidents in the World emphasizes the sense of futility that I feel about life. My morale justs dips and I practically have to hang on with tenacious tentacles to all the positive mantras and pick-me-ups that I can think of.

My plate is heaped full of things to do and sometimes, taking a mere glimpse at them makes me want to go and lie down and sleep and hopefully, they will get themselves sorted out without much of my help and mental exertion.

I woke up this morning with a message tucked into my head that kept telling me to be appreciative of the privilege to be alive and the opportunity of having interesting things to tackle.

The message kept reverberating in my head that the gift of each day which is given, should never be taken for granted irrespective of our struggles because the death knell is a final and last call on this side of the divide.

As long as there’s life, hope lies within and today I’m grateful for my full plate of busy-ness and the opportunity to feel the Sun’s shine on my face.

I hope that are you grateful or thankful for something today. We have a lot of privileges surrounding us.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Out of the silent breath


20 thoughts on “My full plate…

  1. When I become overwhelmed we have to start prioritizing. Do the things that are most troublesome first do they are over and done. The smaller tasks can be less bothersome then. Pray each day by giving thanks and putting god at the helm. Ask for his guidance. And direction, do things day by day,

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  2. I’ve been feeling the same way lately. Since the weather has been nice, I’ve gone out and enjoyed time outdoors – laying on my beach chair soaking in the sun and reading and simply being. Also, I don’t look at my phone or computer. I unplug.

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  3. Its great that you mention this. I had the same feeling yesterday. After coming home from a long day at work, I had a pile of chores to do at home. I instead opted to be lazy and let my husband and these chores fend for themselves. I had an early sleep and feel more refreshed today to take on life’s challenges. Sometimes, all we need is sleep or relax and hit the refresh button. Then we are ready to take on life again. I hope your day begins to pick up again.

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  4. That is so of the moment here Jacqueline, folks are concerned about the future and sometimes world events are so overwhelming.. here we have the heat, the effects of Ramadan, it’s a time of prayer but also of listlessness, life isn’t quite normal, but it has to be as it’s a strange period of life… for me, I got fired on the first holy day of ramadan, a time of sharing and caring, apart from me!! So it has been a bit of an upside down period recently, I liked your words here today so much. Actually I was done a favour, my retirement was planned for January, it just got brought forward and you know, now I’m so happy..I have so many projects planned, I can indulge in them now, make the most of my time left here… I am privileged to be here, alive , healthy and well and whatever will be, will be..Thank you, dear, you made me feel better about me and myself xx


  5. I think when you are overseas alone as I was in 2010-11, you are very vulnerable especially if you fall sick. This afternoon, I was waiting with my husband in an office nearby for some paperwork and we waited 2 hours. I related to him the story of how when you are sick in the UAE, I had to take a taxi to an office to get something stamped from my doctor after he confirmed that I was sick. I would get very depressed and feel very vulnerable. It is so much better to have someone to belly ache and care when you are down. Feel better.

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  6. Hi Jackie,

    How’ve you been?

    This post resonates deeply as I understand how you feel. There are times when one gets overwhelmed by it all. Funny, how during the lows we become more appreciative of the highs.

    Gratitude is everything, indeed once there is life, hope will hold one’s hands through the storms.

    Jisike. 🙂

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