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Fear, procrastination paralyzed: Afraid, yes, but do it! Yes you can. A short and great advice.

The Sad saga of the beak-less, tail-less, gizzard-bobbing, one-leg hopping Chicken: A humourous farm tale. Good read for a good chuckle.

Why our teens have lost faith in us: A MUST-READ for every parent. My comments to the post says:

Say it aloud! Well done ma’am. As a parent this is really a bothersome phenomenon. The rate is too high and says something unsavoury for the society. I don’t buy the idea of putting all that pressure on my children. I encourage them to be and do their best in whatever they are doing and I discourage blind competition or comparison with other people’s children. It only breeds bitter sentiments. Well said.

The embodiment of stories: The power of expression in the written word and the power of oratory belongs to man. Stories are the building blocks of our society and no matter how long man lives and the advent of all things technological, the art of writing is not in a hurry to die. This is my opinion on this well enunciated article.

Save the daughters: “When you raise a female, you raise a village, a town, a city, a Nation.” How can a wounded bird fly? These are questions and thoughts that go through my head when I read such articles and wonder why the female sex are constant recipients of abuse?

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