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My learning curves…personal


At each point in my life, I have found myself spending it on the acquisition of knowledge or a certain skill.

Some were reluctantly assimilated when my parents threw me inside pre-school in my diapers and then primary school for formal education when I would probably have preferred to stay home and play in the red-coloured sandy area of my childhood haunts.

Now I thank them for gritting their teeth as painful as it might have been and not paying heed to my wheedling cry to escape learning my alphabets.

Imbibing knowledge is second nature to man. Learning is both formal and informally through social interactions and in my opinion, learning for me is ad infinitum.

You are never too old to learn new stuff and yours truly here has a lengthy quest to pursue, but now I’m doing my pursuits with some pragmatic sense and not running after every learning fad that catches my fancy like my younger days.

Ruling out the different fancy classes my mother enrolled me in, in a bid to make a lady out of her formerly gangly daughter; piano classes, dressmaking, crocheting, knitting, music lessons – not that I could carry a good tune or play the violin but I managed to play the flute decently – to baking, cooking and whatever was in vogue, thankfully we didn’t have ballet back in my town otherwise I probably would have been made to stand on my toes and possibly break them in the process, I’ve pursued quite some learning routes myself.

Some of them turned out successful and some were almost a disaster for me and the tutor.

I’m bilingual. After spending close to five years learning French, I fancied myself becoming a Polyglot so I embarked on learning German and Spanish.

I doubt if I ever crossed the threshold of ‘Guten Morgen‘ to the German teacher’s dismay and the dismay of my pocket. I think my tongue was not thick enough for the language and it didn’t quite sound as romantic as the nasal French which seemed to suit my tongue far better.

My Spanish has been sporadic in learning but I managed to progress beyond ‘Cómo estás to ‘me llamo Jacqueline‘ and at least I had the good sense not to spend too much just in case the desire died a quick death.

I fancied finding myself becoming a Taekwondo Maestro or is it Maestra, and I can’t tell you it ended well.

I nearly succeeded in killing the instructor and myself and that put paid to such ambition. I nursed my painful thighs for weeks and I guess he nursed some part of his bruised parts that was inadvertently caught in my not too stellar attempts.

I’m sure he was glad when I didn’t renew the fees for another session.

Not that I’ve given up hope on being nimble and flipping in the air in a chopstick, but I’m thinking that yoga is safer for now – at least I can get to sneak in a snooze on the mat and at least use a DVD and not have to spend scarce funds for now.

However, I still have some learning ideas that I’m toying with…

After all, learning is a continuous process. It’s ad infinitum

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Learning, Discovery Challenge

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Out of the silent breath

31 thoughts on “My learning curves…personal

  1. people are constantly rising in life who are not the smartest and it’s because “they are learning machines,” like Charlie Munger says. I agree that learning is a continual process. the people who are successful are the people who go to bed a little wiser than they were when they woke up and that difference will make a huge impact, especially if you have a long road ahead of you, nice post:)

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  2. Yes Jacqueline we are never too old to learn. Learning is truly a continuing process. There’s a quote that say “never stop learning because life never stop teaching” and I agree.


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  3. Lately I’ve realized that I love being a student, whether I’m being taught or if I am teaching myself. Throughout the last year, I’ve learned to be a writer, a blogger, a twiterrati. The year before that I learned how to powerlift and to train dogs. This year I’m learning something new again, running my own joint. I’m thirty two years old now and I love that I’m still learning. Most people want that certainty to know who they are at this very moment. I’m comfortable in the knowledge that I am willfully undefined.

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  4. I love riding a new learning curve 🙂 I’m still learning here on WP. I just learned how to embed videos on my sidebar. I limited myself to four 🙂 I also love French. A beautiful language 🙂 I haven’t had a chance yet today to drop by your party. Hopefully before the day is over 🙂

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    1. Anytime. It’s still on till early tomorrow I guess because of the time I leave it to run into my Monday which is still Sunday in some parts. Learning is a lovely thing and it’s good that you are finding your way around this maze 🙂

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  5. This piece made me chuckle a little…poor Maestro. I, too, played the flute quite well, but living up to my family’s reputation for being ballers (basketball, that is), missed me somehow. I do, however, speak a little Spanish, and I’ve longed to learn French since I’m from a part of Louisiana that speaks French. Never give up, Jacqueline. ❤

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  6. It is important to everyone’s growth as humans to be a life long learner. You are a marvelous example of this principal and I can’t wait to read about what you are up to next.

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