Totally Homesick…

One of the side effects of moving around so much is that a lot of times you find your heart in different places and you get nostalgic. Some days I wake up with severe pangs to find myself in Houston, France, Abuja or anywhere my heart wanders to.

This weekend, I have pangs to be in Lagos, my Lasgidi. I would probably be attending a wedding or one social event. There’s always something to celebrate even against all economic odds. The two photos are from weddings attended during my last visit in 2015.

Jubilant, The Daily Post Photo Challenge.

Dancing Event

38 thoughts on “Totally Homesick…

  1. Hi Jackie, Seems both of us have been thinking alike in the spirit today. Displayed some Naija culture too in my post. Love your photos. Reminds me of some of the things I miss about ‘home’. Enjoy your weekend. πŸ™‚

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  3. I love the happy colors of the clothes!

    I know what you mean about homesickness. I’ve lived in a few places too and now, really no place is home. I miss not having that place I belong.

    How wonderful that you got a chance to visit and share in such joyful occasions!

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