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Midnight Motivations and Musings 67


Naturally as humans, when we are witnesses to the success of others, there’s a deep inclination inside us that experiences a tinge of envy and want.

This is what gives birth to rivalry and competitiveness.

However, there are ways of harnessing our human need to excel and thrive without letting jealous notions be the main driver or our desire.

One, it’s not sustainable to operate that way because your function will be based on clouded emotions that will get the better of you.

Two, it’s never been a successful line to tow and a jealous master is a dangerous one.

Asides from the scriptural angle of things, it’s simply a terrible way for one to spend their lives comparing themselves to others.

It’s a far better approach seeking your own route. If you per chance admire the work of someone else and wish to do the same, be pragmatic about it. Learn

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


19 thoughts on “Midnight Motivations and Musings 67

  1. Well said Jacqueline. Jealousy, the green envy, is so negative. Far better to be happy for those who have success in other walks of life and aspire to one’s own success, without envy of others….

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  2. This is a very fine post Jacqueline! So Poignant! Funny word… LOL! Some remarkable insights… OH GOSH DARN IT ALL TO HECK! Please don’t think of this as a pick up line… I admire you for your mind… STUPID PICK UP LINES!!

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  3. I like that angle…Jealousy is an unwise way of comparing yourself with others. All of us are unique in ourselves and celebrate your your own unique gift. Levels do change so I’d say no need to fret about the great strides of my friend…celebrate him or her and you’d be celebrated soon. Great post Jackie!

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