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Longing – Everyday beautiful people 88

“Sometimes we spend our time longing deeply for things that we can’t have and miss those things that are available to us. I guess that’s called life” ¬†Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


I’m all dressed and good to go. Can someone please let me out of here.

That’s my imagined thoughts of the mannequins desire as it gazes longingly at passersby ūüėČ

If these dolls can talk, I wonder what they’ll say?

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‚ÄúBeautiful Poetry of Life and Love.‚ÄĚ Amanda

Out of the silent breath

Creative Writing · Fiction · Short Stories

Fresh breath of desire…Friday fiction in five sentences.

Liam had forgotten this. The way your senses exploded with desire and the pulse raced. A sudden awakening feeling as if he had been in a long deep sleep.

All the exciting tingle coursed through his veins from the soft and warm hand that he clasped in greeting. A deep urge to pull her closer and kiss her full, glossy inviting lips nudged him even as his thumb gently brushed her knuckles almost subconsciously.

Now he understood his son’s fascination with his music and art’s teacher, Miss Felicity. It was easy to get besotted with this exquisite being that stood before him, judging the way he felt. She looked like a fairy with her big baby blue and long-lashed eyes; even her upturned nose had a dusting of freckles.

For weeks, Kevin had gone on and on with one recount or the other on Miss Felicity. Since his mother passed four years ago, this would be the first female he had seen his son warm up to enough for the young boy to try matchmaking his lonely dad with his favourite teacher.

Liam’s heart softened and he muttered silent thanks to God while allowing himself to absorb the sweet energy of the face that smiled up at his in open invitation.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Image credit: Pixabay

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Midnight Motivations and Musings 67


Naturally as humans, when we are witnesses to the success of others, there’s a deep inclination inside us that experiences a tinge of envy and want.

This is what gives birth to rivalry and competitiveness.

However, there are ways of harnessing our human need to excel and thrive without letting jealous notions be the main driver or our desire.

One, it’s not sustainable to operate that way because your function will be based on clouded emotions that will get the better of you.

Two, it’s never been a successful line to tow and a jealous master is a dangerous one.

Asides from the scriptural angle of things, it’s simply¬†a terrible way for one to spend their lives comparing themselves to others.

It’s a far better approach seeking your own route. If you per chance admire the work of someone else¬†and wish to do the same, be pragmatic about it. Learn

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

The Daily Post

Hurried Feet…


From dusk to dawn

The flurry of feet

Hurried along the street

The needs of the day

Their desire to meet.


The street is a happy place to be

With many things that you get to see

Sometimes, it might even be a clown

Or a lady wearing a frown.


At times, it’s a happy looking dog

With its owner going on a jog

Or the man with the briefcase

He seems to be quite in  a haste.


Some streets are dark

Some streets are light

Some streets are dirty

They’ll give you a fright


Yet each street has its own soul

The heartbeats 

Of the passing feet

That brings it to life.


© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha 

Street, The Daily Post prompt. 

Love · Poetry/Poems · The Daily Post · Weave that Dream

Ah What a Rainfall….a love poetry.

falling rainPlip, plop, tlop tlop, goes the rain drops…

Sweet memories swirl in my mind
Of young days spent
getting soaked to the skin
With nothing akin to worry in sight
Just children, playing in the rain
Wiggling tiny waist and skinny bums
Ah! What a rainfall.

Of rainy days and hair gone nappy, spongy wild from wetness
Of mother dear telling us to hold our ears and listen well
We held our ears and listened well to the chastising
Not to play in the rain again
Until the next fall came.
Quickly forgetting our pulled ears,
Yet again we went. Little urchins we were.
Ah! What a rainfall.

Nostalgic memories of rainfall
Transport me to grandma’s detached warm kitchen
Of the earthen clay pot that contained the cool, refreshing water
Water so clear from the stream, with smoky sweet unique taste
Sitting on little stools watching the drip drops of rainfall
As it gathers in puddles before us
The chicken comes to roost and dry its feathers
Of the smell of roasted dry meat, spices and the sound of pounding mortar
Even the nanny goat likes the homey kitchen, it was warm for all.
Ah! What a rainfall.

Wistful memories of rainfall
Of the days of a blooming damsel
With hair woven in neat cornrows and powdered face to illuminate her glowing self
Rain drops avoided with care, cornrows must be kept in place.
Ah! What a rainfall.

Delicious memories are here with me
Of lying in your arms and listening to your heartbeats
They seem to rhyme with the drip drops of the rainfall
Of cuddling under the covers, as the windows mist over
Whispering sweet nonsense and laughing softly
To little jokes only known by the two of us
Ah! What a rainfall.

Dreamy memories of dreamy moments
Of wondrous yearnings and many birthing
As we clung to each other
Excluding any other
And basked in the warmth of our own dew drops
Ah! What a rainfall.

Desirous moments, may the rains fall
May they make pitter-patters all over the roof top
As you design your patterns of love all over
No longer soaked to the skin am I
yet I feel the drops of the rain within your heat
and it seeps into my heartbeats.
Ah! What a rainfall.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

In response to The Daily Post prompt singing in the rain
Safe inside, toasty warm, while water pitter-patters on the roof… describe your perfect, rainy afternoon.